Radiology centers looking to expand their offerings to include low-dose CT (LDCT) lung cancer screening—rapidly emerging as the leading modality for screening heavy smokers—now have a low-cost, low-risk option.

Medic Vision Imaging Solutions and BRIT Systems are partnering to offer remote, cloud-based LDCT screening on a pay-per-scan basis. Using Medic Vision’s SafeCT Iterative Image Reconstruction system and BRIT’s Roentgen Cloud technology, the system allows clients to incorporate the new technology into their practice without making substantial upfront investments.

Eyal Aharon, the CEO of Medic Vision, said, “While LDCT lung screening is a hot application, many hospitals and private practices are hesitant, or in some cases unable, to make the capital investment required to purchase SafeCT. The new service allows any radiology practice to offer the up and coming LDCT lung screening service without having to invest in image enhancement solutions.”  

The system allows LDCT lung images to be forwarded via https to a remote cloud-based SafeCT server where they are transformed into high-quality diagnostic images, then returned through the secure link to the customer’s PACS. The converted files continue to reside on the server, where they remain accessible to the customer and can be shared with the patient.

Recent studies have found that LDCT lung cancer screening could save as many as 20,000 lives annually. For more information, visit Medic Vision Imaging Solutions and BRIT Systems