Lincoln Medical Education Partnership (LMEP), based in Lincoln, Neb, has purchased the NovaPACS and ClinicPACS solutions from NovaRad, American Fork, Utah.

LMEP is a teaching facility that includes two hospital systems with a combined total of more than 800 beds. In addition to traditional PACS solutions, NovaPACS will provide LMEP with an off-site emergency backup as well, safeguarding image data in case of an unforeseen technical or natural disaster.

In addition, as a web based PACS, the NovaPACS platform will provide LMEP physicians with 24/7 access to images and patient information.

The installation of the ClinicPACS module was chosen to allow LMEP’s orthopedists to view images during patient consultation.

Addressing the PACS needs of smaller facilities, NovaRad offers multiple pricing models that accommodate both large and small radiology departments with a subscription-pricing model that calculates the department’s image load combined with the number of radiology workstations.

Paul Shumway, vice president, NovaRad commented in the press announcement, “LMEP will now have the power of a complete PACS with the convenience of integrated orthopedic tools and templates in one package.”

Visit NovaRad for further information.  

(Source: Press Release)