MedInformatix, a radiology information systems (RIS) and electronic health records (EHR) provider, has enabled Pueblo Medical Imaging, a private practice, multi-specialty provider serving the Las Vegas region, to increase efficiency and deliver on its promise to ensure a paperless patient experience.

Owned and operated by Radiology Associates of Nevada, Pueblo Medical Imaging staffs 20 board-specified radiologists and offers services in MRI, CT, ultrasound, mammography/bone density, breast, fluoroscopy, and digital x-ray modalities. The facility partners with four regional hospitals and acute care facilities throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

Darren Blanford, administrator of Pueblo Medical Imaging, said he had known since arriving at Pueblo 6 years ago that he wanted to eventually integrate the company’s RIS. “Their product, backed by a hands-on and knowledgeable customer service team, gives me the tools and the peace of mind to operate a fast-growing radiology practice like Pueblo,” Blanford said. “MedInformatix listens. If there is a way to make the solution better or adjust to a certain aspect of our practice, they make it happen for us.”

Pueblo first installed the MedInformatix RIS V7.5 in 2006, when annual patient volume reached only 24,000 outpatient visitors. Today, the practice processes over 90,000 patients per year, and it has gradually scaled up the MedInformatix system to match. Pueblo now taps the system’s advanced billing and reporting features, and will soon upgrade to V7.6, certified for Stage 2 of meaningful use. According to Blanford, the system also helps Pueblo meet its goal to improve the patient experience by eliminating paper and increasing efficiency.

“We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Darren and Pueblo Medical Imaging,” said Tom McGonigle, chief executive officer of MedInformatix. “As their practice has grown to be among the most enterprising radiology facilities in the Las Vegas Valley, we have been pleased at how we have scaled our RIS to adapt to their evolving needs. This type of collaboration is a hallmark of how we like to engage with our clients and our work with Pueblo is an excellent example of it. We are thrilled to contribute to their success and look forward to continuing to be a part of their growth moving forward.”

For more information, visit Pueblo Medical Imaging.