Shina Systems announced the commercial release of its new 3Di PACS solution. Shina Systems’ 3Di is a platform that allows clinicians, health care providers, and patients to view medical images everywhere, from diagnostic image interpretation to intuitive viewing of images in a personal health record.

3Di PACS is a scalable Web-based platform allowing access to medical images throughout the enterprise for faster diagnosis, reporting, storage, and distribution of clinical data. The 3Di PACS Web interface allows studies management and physician worklist via a full-featured, zero-footprint 2D/3D Web-based viewer. The 3Di PACS client is an advanced diagnostic PACS viewer for reading 2D, 3D and 4D (sequence) studies using proprietary high-speed streaming technology, multi-monitor support, and advanced hanging protocol.

The new version includes a wider set of interaction features, such as volume rendering tools, rule-based HP definition and selection, FDA-approved mammography reading tools, easy-to-use MR spine labeling, integrated reporting, seamless integration with other hospital information systems, and more. This new version has been released after an evaluation period in selected live sites around the world, where 3Di PACS was used as the primary PACS system.