NationalRad selected Intelerad Medical Systems‘ IntelePACS to support its nationwide network of subspecialty radiologists. NationalRad based its selection on a number of factors, including scalability, image accessibility and a universal viewer, and worklist that provides a consistent user experience for remote reading.

“As a highly distributed teleradiology group, it was important to deploy a solution that would provide radiologists with rapid access to studies no matter where they’re located,” said Karen Jodat, Chief Operating Officer, NationalRad. “Since deploying IntelePACS across our organization, we’ve been able to increase our radiologists’ mobility, as they always have access to the same customized solution interfaces and viewer.”

Established in 1999, NationalRad provides over 100,000 subspecialty interpretations to approximately 125 clients per year. These customers include physician practices, imaging centers and radiology groups. Based in Deerfield Beach and Weston, Florida, their staff of 24 radiologists is spread across the US, with the majority working from home offices.