ORA Orthopedics, a 40-provider multi-specialty orthopedic practice with seven offices in the Quad City area of Illinois and Iowa, has added Viztek‘s U-Arm digital radiology (DR) system with advanced image stitching. The technology is ORA’s first DR implementation.

“We are very large and busy practice. ORA has 10 x-ray suites across our facilities, which used CR in a prone imaging configuration prior to the Viztek U-Arm DR,” said Karen King, RT, radiology manager for the practice “One room still uses film.”

A high image volume, multi-specialty orthopedic practice, ORA completes about 200 x-ray exams daily. King notes that with the Viztek unit, patient positioning is faster because only approximately 5% of the exams require patient imaging on tables, and the U-Arm enables these patients to stand during their exams. The unit delivers completed images in 4 seconds. “Viztek’s U-Arm makes upright imaging the norm, and that is a significant time-saver,” she says.


[source: Viztek]