Moscow_web Agfa Healthcare recently announced that the Moscow City Department of Healthcare has chosen the company’s Enterprise Imaging platform as its central imaging repository and teleradiology solution. According to Agfa, this is the first multisite imaging IT solution in Russia to be delivered as a managed service.

Project implementation began last February.

The Moscow City Department of Healthcare includes government and private medical institutions, offering a full range of medical services. Seeking to provide optimized radiology workflow in line with approved standards and global best practices, Agfa’s solution will cover 63 sites with over 110 imaging modalities, including 59 CTs and 39 MRIs.

Specifically, the company’s vendor neutral archive will consolidate radiology results from multiple sites, while the zero-footprint XERO Viewer integrated with the cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) will make results accessible across Moscow’s health information exchange (HIE) infrastructure. Integrating the solution with the HIE will allow unique patient identification, allow referring physicians to place orders via the EMR and give authorized users from the Moscow Healthcare community immediate access to results.

An automated radiology workflow has already been provided for the first five connected sites, including the reading center. Local radiology workflow automation will be extended with the support of multisite teleradiology orchestration.

“We are very pleased that the Moscow Department of Health chose Agfa HealthCare for this ground-breaking, multisite project: the first in Russia in which all deliverables—software components, the centralized hardware platform, the local hardware components, data center and network infrastructure—are all provided by the integrator through a managed services model,” said Franz Tiani, general manager for direct export, Nordic, Central and Eastern Europe, at Agfa. “What’s more, the solution can also be extended beyond radiology, to support a consolidation of multimedia results in the VNA. This would allow even more caregivers to collaborate and contribute to a comprehensive patient imaging record in a multidisciplinary environment.”

For more information, visit Agfa Healthcare.