Merge Healthcare has announced new enhancements to its PACS, designed to support enterprise health systems and teleradiology. Merge PACS 7.0 directly integrates with the iConnect Enterprise Archive, providing access to all studies available for a patient and eliminating the need for pre-fetching.

Additional benefits include the ability to pre-cache upcoming studies based on worklist, enabling a higher reading volume, and templated user settings, which establish user preferences and enable administrative updates without compromising user logins. Enhanced mammography tomosynthesis viewing includes a stack position indicator, thick slab viewing, and MPR, while macros can be used for customer-created integrations with other applications.

“We’ve worked with Merge for more than 10 years and are particularly looking forward to this new release for our PACS due to the enhanced work list features and macro capabilities,” said Jay Mosser, enterprise system architect at Radiology Associates LLP of Corpus Christi. “For us, the operational enhancements will really streamline workflow and provide greater access to the imaging data needed for our radiologists to provide services quickly. With referral leakage and interoperability top of mind for healthcare organizations, the new system will be critical for us to meet those needs while enhancing quality care for patients.”

For more information, visit Merge Healthcare.