Monash Health, the largest public health supplier in the state of Victoria, Australia, has announced it will purchase a comprehensive package of Carestream products, including the company’s Vue RIS, Vue PACS, Vue for Vendor Neutral Archive, Vue Beyond, Vue Motion, and MyVue solutions. The network comprises four hospitals and a rehabilitation center.

“We performed a comprehensive review of the marketplace and to us, Carestream offered standout products in terms of functionality, ease of use, configurability and vision,” said Ronnie Ptasznik, deputy director of diagnostic imaging for Monash Health. “We expect increases in radiologist productivity, including voice recognition, along with a product that will be fun to use. The flexible nature of the database will enable us to shift from a generalist to subspecialty method of reporting.”

Monash Health cited the company’s reputation for engaging with its customers throughout the development process and the possibility for future product updates as key factors in their decision-making process. “The flexibility of the Carestream offering ensures that our current needs are met while also providing a clear path for us to continue to build on the solution as needed,” said Tony Gabbert, operations manager at Monash Health.

In addition, The Carestream products also include discrepancy reporting and a critical alerts feature to assist with risk management. A native 3D PACS application also enables physicians to switch rapidly from 2D to 3D image models for diagnostic efficiency. The solution will be implemented in 2014.

For more information, visit Monash Health and Carestream Health.