binarycode_1ASPYRA, Jacksonville, Fla, has added online store capability to its Web site. Customers can now purchase computer hardware, software, networking, and other equipment directly from the Web site and have the item shipped straight to their location.

Pricing and availability are automatically updated in real time, enabling customers to know immediately whether their desired item is available and how much it will cost. Products can be found by search or while perusing the appropriate categories.

“ASPYRA has always strived to make purchasing and using our products as simple and painless as possible,” said Gary Bennett, president of ASPYRA. “This new store extends that capability to other products that the community needs as well and is not limited to those already using our products.”

In related news, the company has launched version 7 of its AccessNET and AccessMED products. Among the new PACS software features is an updated Multi-Planar Reconstruction/Maximum Intensity Projection module, which provides manipulation of the slab and view in CT and MR images, including volume rendering and colorization to aid in viewing.

Also available is a new Web-based Guest Portal, which enables facilities to grant access to specific exams to patients, referring physicians or specialists, or anyone the patient has designated. Exam availability can also be limited by setting an expiration date.

“This feature is highly desired by customers on a number of levels,” said Bennett. “From a system administrator or IT point of view, it enables you to control who can grant access and tracks those actions as well as when the guest accesses any images.

“From a management point of view, it gives you the ability to provide another level of patient satisfaction and outreach to the medical community without any added expense,” he continued. “From a radiology manager’s point of view, it frees up your staff from burning CDs. It’s a win all around.”

These enhancements are available to eligible existing and new customers at no additional charge.

For more information, visit ASPYRA.

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