productPACS Development Tool
Richardson Electronics (La Fox, Ill.) introduces the first online hardware PACS development tool. Building a hardware solution on-line simplifies the time-consuming process of selecting compatible components, according to the company. The program walks the user through a series of selections ranging from workstation configurations, display monitor and controller cards to film digitizers and workbench carts. The built-in intelligence helps the user choose compatible components.

For more information, contact Richardson Electronics at 888-735-7373 or visit its Website at

productMammography Viewers
S&S Technology (Houston, Texas) is offering, under the S&S X-Ray Products and RADX brand names, a complete line of motorized viewers for mammography, including vertical and horizontal belt options with varying degrees of sophistication and cost. The MV800 has four automated shades with frame-specific memory, a vertical belt and a wide luminance range that exceeds ACR recommendations. It supports up to 800 mammography films. The CrystalViewer has two independent horizontal belts, an LCD and easy-to-use controls. It has a standard capacity of 800 mammograms.

For more information, please contact S&S Technology at 800-231-1747 or visit its Website at

productInternet Radiology Information System
XIMIS, Inc. (El Paso, Texas) is previewing its XIRIS 3.5 eXtended Internet Radiology Information System. XIRIS is a completely Web-based platform and language-dependent application that allows workflow management, patient registration, and study, staff and resource scheduling. New features for XIRIS 3.5 include mammography tracking, DICOM modality worklist management, accounting and billing and improved security protocols.

For more information, contact XIMIS at 877-44XIRIS or visit its Website at

productCalibration Services
The Global Calibration Laboratory (GCL of Cleveland) is the largest commercial ionizing radiation calibration lab in the world. Constructed in 1999, the 350 square meter facility houses custom-built ranges and fixtures to address medical, nuclear and industrial calibration and repair applications. A team of 25 physicists, engineers and technicians process 1,500 instrument calibrations and repairs each month.

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