By Elaine Sanchez Wilson

ScriptSender Landing PageWith rising caseloads and reimbursement incentives to enhance efficiency, there exists an increasingly urgent need for radiologists to access clinical information in a timely, convenient manner. Standing in their way, among other barriers, is the cumbersome task of logging in to disparate systems and increasing demand for interfaces from referring physicians for orders and results.

ScriptSender, West Palm Beach, Fla., aimed to eliminate this obstacle by recently launching an innovative new software suite, that promises to dramatically alter the way physicians communicate and deliver healthcare. Specifically, its IT platform enables physicians and medical practices to send and receive orders and results from their own electronic medical record (EMR) system without the worry of interfaces.

According to the company’s founder and chief executive Chris Craft, he developed the software system to serve a previously unmet need in the marketplace. “We saw an opportunity to change the way that physicians—and especially radiologists—deliver healthcare, by creating a convenient and secure method for physicians and practices to communicate and collaborate with one another,” Craft explained.

ReportSender ScreenshotThe suite includes the flagship ScriptSender module, an online order delivery assistant and ReportSender, a reporting solution that efficiently delivers results back to referring physicians. It is ideally suited for physicians and practices where an HL7 orders interface and a site-to-site VPN are not present or cost-effective, or where integration may be prohibited due to technology protocols that prevent physicians from installing software or configuring computers in their practice.

Using ScriptSender, physicians can send orders, labs, or insurance paperwork directly from the EMR, efficiently routing them to their desired destination. Moreover, it’s vendor-agnostic, Craft points out, adding that the platform integrates seamlessly with any medical group using any EMR or practice management system.

Craft says feedback he has received at radiology conferences throughout the summer, like the meeting of the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine, shows that there is growing demand for a technology like ScriptSender in the healthcare community. “Physicians were impressed with how this system can add value to their practice,” he said. “They didn’t realize they needed a solution like this, until they saw it in action, and realized how it could transform the way their EMR performs.”

Furthermore, practice managers are often surprised and delighted with the ease of installation, Craft said. Users install the suite with just one click of a link and can start sending orders and other documents immediately. ScriptSender leverages native technology already embedded in Microsoft Windows, Craft adds, therefore customers will not need to seek approval or assistance from a medical practice’s IT department. Orders may be written as PDF documents that retain the original order’s exact formatting from the referring physician’s EMR, including logos, electronic signature, and overall structure.

For customers who implement ScriptSender’s additional Integration Module, the company can analyze each submission for a match to a known EMR configuration. Once a match is identified, the company creates an order directly in the EMR’s database or writes an HL7 file to import into the EMR.

For its part, ReportSender delivers medical, diagnostic, and consultative results directly back to the referring physician or practice, effectively reducing layers of medical bureaucracy while enhancing physician mobility and patient satisfaction. The reporting solution comes with no pre-existing interface requirements and seamlessly integrates with any EHR, EMR, PACS, or RIS environment. Both ScriptSender and ReportSender come with a no-transaction fee guarantee, permitting customers to send as few or as many documents and reports as they deem appropriate.

“Removing the manual steps involved in processing referral orders removes the potential for human error,” Craft said. “Our customers are able to process the majority of all their orders without human intervention. This adds a whole new layer of efficiency to their EMR and value to their referring physicians.”