A new referring service will make it easier for radiology groups to grow their business by analyzing their customer base.

InteleConnect Patterns, a new product from Intelerad, is an optional add-on to the existing InteleConnect Referring Physician Portal. It captures key metrics such as where referrals originate, the proportion of returning visitors, what type of device they use to access the portal, how long users spend on the site, and browsing habits like number of image views. The data is available for easy download and analysis via dashboard reports. Radiology centers can also set up system alerts to monitor and flag particular traffic patterns or changes. 

“InteleConnect Patterns provides a competitive advantage to radiology groups by providing business intelligence sourced directly from their Referring Physician Portal,” said Rick Rubin, chief engineering officer, Intelerad. “By analyzing this information, groups gain a better understanding of their referrer base, which allows them to develop strategies to promote further engagement and grow their business.”    

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