By Dara O’Brien

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) will hold its Annual Meeting on December 1-6 at Chicago’s McCormick Place convention center. An expected 50,000+ attendees from around the world will be on hand for the world’s premier scientific and educational forum in radiology. 

Attendees will have access to nearly 700 technical exhibits spread across the facility’s North and South Halls; 93 exhibitors will be there for the first time. Innovations ranging from molecular imaging tools to state-of-the-art CT solutions to new communications platforms will be demonstrated and introduced. In the following pages, Axis Imaging News presents some highlights you can expect to find on the show floor at RSNA 2013.

Advanced Data Systems (ADS) will introduce a patient communications portal for MedicsRIS. It enables patients to schedule appointments, securely access and complete patient forms, and receive exam instructions and results. Patient information is stored in the imaging center’s MedicsRIS system, and radiology reports are downloadable by any authorized user. (Hall A: Booth 1815)

Agfa HealthCare (Hall A: Booth 4737) will present:

  • ICIS View, powered by the company’s XERO® technology and a core facet of its workflow-centric imaging services platform. It allows clinicians and other stakeholders to access patient imaging data from any PACS or VNA, using a single viewer, to support patient care continuity and clinical productivity. ICIS enables multispecialty imaging devices to contribute to a comprehensive health record, with significantly reduced IT complexity.
  • DX-D 35C, an 11×14-inch wireless panel DR detector. Using a CsI scintillator with twice the detective quantum efficiency (DQE) of gadolinium-based detector technologies, the small-format panel delivers the potential for lower dose. It is combined with the company’s MUSICA advanced image processing to produce enhanced contrast detail across the entire dynamic range.
  • IMPAX Agility imaging management platform, which combines capabilities typically found in an RIS or PACS into a single system. Solves PACS infrastructure challenges by providing an IT platform that streamlines integration efforts across the enterprise and maximizes uptime and performance.

Carestream Health (Hall A: Booth 4111) will highlight a range of new products and enhancements that include:

  • Vue PACS Reporting, a work-in-progress (WIP) dictation module intended to help enable insertion of key images, anatomical bookmarks, and quantitative comparisons from modalities to simplify the review process. It also will debut (as WIP) a cost-effective teleradiology tool.
  • Vue Mammo Workstation, with WIP enhancements to the DBT module that are intended to include the display of DICOM-compliant 2D synthetic views, which are calculated from the 3D dataset. Other WIP additions include a DBT image map and improved workflow settings.
  • Vue Motion physician portal and MyVue patient portal join Vue Cloud PACS and Vue Cloud Archive as cloud services.
  • Vue RIS/PACS, WIP diagnostic reporting tools are designed to allow physicians to view imaging studies and reports together—in a single workflow.
  • CR and DR image acquisition software with optional features that include bone suppression software (510(k) pending) designed to create a companion image to enhance the visualization of soft tissue in the chest; and IHE dose reporting, intended to help facilities aggregate dose information from all modalities and support tracking of dose values for each patient, along with other workflow improvements.

Carestream Image_acquisition_software Carestream Image Acquisition Software

Claron Technology will announce extended modality support for its Nil universal zero-footprint medical viewers. Optimized for cacheless integration with remote archives, including PACS and VNAT. Also being introduced for NilShare for referring physicians and NilRead diagnostic viewers is support for high-definition MPEG4 videos, as well as all common image formats including jpeg, tiff, and png. The viewers also now support full XDS IHE profile, including comprehensive HL7 CDA documents. (Hall B: Booth 8002)

CoActiv Medical will debut EXAM-PACS Version 3.0, with expanded vendor-neutral technology and a broad range of cloud options. Interface utilities update the EMR for precise access to a specific patient image (to support Meaningful Use). Complemented by a range of new user management tools and flexible permissions. (Hall B: Booth 7524)

ContextVision will announce new features in its US PlusView Family of ultrasound systems, including advanced image enhancement capabilities for more anatomically correct images. (Hall B: Booth 7010)

Elsevier will present ClinicalKey, an online clinical information resource that provides access to Elsevier’s radiology references at point of care. Spanning every subspecialty in the field, content includes more than 700 textbooks and 400 medical journals, and provides the most current clinically relevant evidence-based answers, as well as expert commentary, MEDLINE abstracts, and select third-party journals. (Hall B: 7107, Hall A: 1311)

FUJIFILM Medical Systems (Hall A: Booth 2539) will showcase:

  • DR Portfolio: The full line of dose saving DR detectors, mobile solutions, and x-ray room suites including the world’s smallest, lightest FDR D-EVO 24×30 CsI wireless flat panel detector; the FDR Go digital mobile system; and the all new FDR D-EVO Suite FS floor mounted x-ray room suite.
  • Synapse Portfolio: Allows management of the complete patient record including non-DICOM imaging, while providing fast, secure access to clinical users via web and mobile platforms. Organizes all data—including PACS, RIS, Cardiovascular, VNA, and Cloud Services by patient.

GE Healthcare (Hall A: Booths 4773 and 4033) will showcase an array of systems and solutions including:

  • LOGIQ family of products: addresses the ultrasound suite from the inside out, providing users with outstanding image quality, productivity, user comfort, and streamlined workflow. It also will include the latest advancements to its Ultrasound IT and ABUS breast imaging platforms.
  • Enterprise imaging and workflow solutions: to help radiology departments, administrators, and IT leaders better collaborate on patient care, helping to lower costs, increase turnaround times, and enhance patient satisfaction. Plus new innovations for radiology workflow, image sharing, and cloud services.
  • Discovery IGS platform: addresses the challenges of healthcare providers to support clinical decision-making and help clinicians in refining overall patient care.
  • FlightPlan for Liver: software that helps interventionalists plan their liver embolization; automatically highlights vessels traveling from the catheter tip to the vicinity of the hypervascular tumor in just three simple steps.
  • SenoBright: Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM) technology designed to produce contrast-enhanced images of the breast using an approved x-ray contrast agent and a dual energy acquisition technique.
  • SensorySuite “Relaxing zone”: an immersive environment that can be offered to the women in a screening breast center.
  • Discovery XR656: Digital x-ray system with advanced clinical applications including VolumeRAD, which acquires volumetric patient data with up to 60 low dose exposures with one sweep across the patient; Auto-Image Paste, which can acquire up to five images and paste them to form a single image with one push of the exposure switch; Dual Energy Subtraction, which separates the x-ray information into a soft tissue image and a bone image, making it easier to visualize abnormalities and determine whether they are calcified.
    • Discovery CT750 HD: HDCT built with exclusive Gemstone detector FREEdom Technologies. Allows for intelligent motion correction to “freeze” coronary motion, enhance coronary visualization, and obtain additional information on plaque material composition. New this year is kV Assist, which provides optimized personalized scan settings and applications with automated kV and mA selection. 
    • Optima CT660 FREEdom Edition: features exclusive Motion FREEdom with intelligent coronary motion correction that enables fast, high performance imaging with exclusive emergency department capabilities and innovative dose reduction features. Ecomagination-qualified and can also healthymagination-validated.

seaside station GE’s Sensory Suite

Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA highlights the Aero DR 10 x 12 wireless plate, for use in general x-ray as well as in specialty applications, including the NICU. Easily integrated into existing Konica Minolta systems. It be used for cross-table, extremity, spine, and sunrise patella views with a high tolerance to patient weight loading. Roaming feature allows for shared resources between multiple rooms. (Hall A: Booth 4753)

Matakina International will exhibit two new products that expand its VolparaDensity breast density assessment software product suite. VolparaAnalytics utilizes the volumetric information provided by VolparaDensity to provide quality assurance metrics to help monitor critical parts of the breast screening process including mammography, tomosynthesis, and technologist performance. Additionally, VolparaDose will be shown as a WIP (pending FDA review). It uses a standard mean glandular dose algorithm along with the patient-specific volumetric breast density to give a better estimate of the dose absorbed by the specific breast. (Hall A: Booth 5925)

McKesson will showcase advanced image analysis options that help improve clinical care by integrating diagnostic imaging in EHR. McKesson Enterprise Image Repositor and McKesson Enterprise Image Clinical Reference Viewer consolidate disparate archives into a single repository. McKesson QICS (Qualitative Intelligence Communication System) and McKesson Study Share help facilities meet rapidly changing quality initiatives and improve communication. (Hall B: Booth 7358)

Medweb will highlight Megashare RTC (Medweb Collage with viewer share and video streaming), a WEB RTC solution that facilitates secure medical conferencing and collaboration. Using Megashare’s Secure Real-Time Collaboration (SRTC) platform, radiologists can communicate remotely between multiple sites and collaborate with other physicians via video, voice, co-browsing, document editing, and application and desktop sharing. (Hall A: Booth 5725)

Nuance will showcase PowerScribe 360 Version 2.0—a radiology reporting and communication platform, with new features like the 99% accurate Dragon Medical 12 speech recognition engine, as well as automation tools that increase data accuracy and the speed at which an actionable, structured report is completed. (Hall A: Booth 1322) 

Philips Healthcare will highlight AlluraClarity, a live image guidance system that provides high-quality imaging for a comprehensive range of clinical procedures, with excellent visibility at low x-ray dose levels. It also will showcase EPIQ, a new ultrasound system that delivers extraordinary image resolution and detail built on Philips proprietary nSIGHT Imaging architecture. (Hall B: Booth 6733)

Qi Imaging will introduce a true, web-based clinical electronic exchange WIP Image Sharing Platform that allows clinicians to share medical images and information both internally and externally; highly scalable and accessible through all major web browsers. It also will introduce a web-based and zero-footprint WIP Universal Viewer (UV) capable of displaying DICOM images and many non-DICOM objects; it provides access to patient images and information throughout the enterprise and across the patient care continuum. (Hall B: Booth 8503)

Siemens Symbia_IntevoSiemens Symbia Intevo

Siemens Healthcare will spotlight the Symbia Intevo, the world’s first xSPECT system, which combines the high sensitivity of SPECT with the high specificity of CT. Completely integrating data from both modalities, Symbia Intevo generates high resolution and, for the first time ever, quantitative images. (Hall A:  Booth 1934)

Sony Medical will showcase two WIP medical recorders, the HVO-500MD (without DVD optical drive) and the HVO-550MD (with DVD optical drive) that deliver extremely clear and detailed images of virtually any ultrasound exam or ultrasound system. They include MPEG-4 video recording, as well as a compact design with USB and network recording capability. Sony also will highlight the LMD-DM series of high-luminance, high-contrast medical displays that feature Sub-Pixel Drive technology with three times the resolution of monochrome LCDs. 510(k) cleared for use in general review of images from every modality including CR/DR, CT, MRI, and Full-Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) studies. (Hall B: Booth 7938)

Toshiba America Medical Systems (Hall B: Booth 7330) will demonstrate imaging technology for various modalities including:

  • CT: Aquilion PRIME, a scalable CT solution with a streamlined upgrade path that can fit into tighter spaces, consumes less electricity, and requires less air conditioning. Features a large bore (78 cm), advanced dose reduction technology (AIDR 3D) and a wide, high-capacity couch (660 pounds) that can move laterally and is low to the ground.
  • XR/VL: The Infinix-i Bi-plane system, which features an enhanced processor so exams can be completed faster and more accurately, with comprehensive dose management technologies. Kalare R&F digital x-ray system, with a 17? x 17? dynamic flat panel detector (WIP) that provides distortion-free, high-quality images. Single-Panel RADREX-i Wireless x-ray system (WIP), a wireless solution that lowers cost of ownership while enabling more out-of-bucky work and increasing workflow.
  • MR: The Titan 3T, the quietest 3T MR available, features a large bore along with advanced multiport RF transmission technology; and the Titan 1.5T, which uses wide bore and Pianissimo noise-reduction technology. Non-Contrast MR, Toshiba’s exclusive Time-Spatial Labeling Inversion Pulse (Time-SLIP) noncontrast MR technique that enables noninvasive visualization of CSF flow disorders is available on both systems. The company also will spotlight its Pediatric Flex Coil Suite, 16-channel Flex SPEEDER coils, with greater flexibility, and optimal for use in pediatric head, neck, and spine imaging.

Viztek is introducing a high-performance FIT-DR solution with a dual-detector x-ray system that combines superior image quality and ultra-fast throughput at an affordable price. With two high-quality cesium detectors that can accommodate a full repertoire of x-ray exams without repositioning. Incorporates a new panel equipped with auto-trigger and is suitable for both new and retrofit installation. (Hall B: Booth 8117)

ZONARE will introduce the WIP L20-5 transducer, part of its ZS3 ultrasound platform. It provides excellent near-field imaging for small parts as well as flexibility for imaging at depth. With a 32 mm aperture and up to 8 cm penetration, it is continuously focused on both transmit and receive. It supports B-Mode, compounded harmonics, spatial compounding harmonics, CD-Mode, PDI, dPDI, PW-Mode, HPRF, M-Mode, and CEUS (Hall B: Booth 8144)

These are just a few highlights from the vast array of products and services being showcased across two exhibit halls measuring 434,675 square feet. Advance planning will make for easier navigation on the show floor, and help ensure you make the most of your time. The full vendor list is available through the RSNA 2013 web site.

Dara O’Brien is a contributing writer for Axis Imaging News.