ConcertAI’s TeraRecon, the leading AI and advanced visualization platform for medical imaging, announces the release of its AI-driven clinical workflow solution, TeraRecon Neuro. Purpose-built for disease screening and care activation in neurovascular emergencies, TeraRecon Neuro is designed to integrate across the entire healthcare organization and address most challenges that clinicians face when making decisions about care in a life-threatening situation, such as a stroke.

As an AI-assisted specialty clinical workflow solution, TeraRecon Neuro was created to increase a facility’s emergency readiness for hemorrhagic and ischemic neurological cases using various types of imaging modalities. The solution offers automatic screening of suspected ICH and LVO to improve access and time to decision of viable treatment options for patients, thus potentially improving functional patient outcomes.

In addition, TeraRecon Neuro’s automated CT perfusion maps help clinicians assess brain function using six customizable maps, all of which can be integrated into TeraRecon’s Intuition platform for continuity across the care continuum. Through a patented, physician-controlled end-to-end AI experience, TeraRecon Neuro’s analytics and capabilities enable the physician to interact with the AI algorithm within the workflow to improve the AI outputs. Viewable on both a robust diagnostic desktop viewer and a convenient mobile application, TeraRecon Neuro puts the physician at the forefront while providing all care team members a seamless way to quickly interact and coordinate care when time is of the utmost importance. 

“We are proud to introduce new AI solutions that expand on our ‘track record’ of providing leading edge, workflow driven, physician-centric solutions that provide actionable and timely imaging insights to multidisciplinary care teams. We believe the best use case scenario is not autonomous AI, but rather expert clinical supervision that is augmented by AI-driven insights.

“TeraRecon Neuro was designed to accommodate all care team members and workflows, while simultaneously maintaining standardization across the care continuum to ensure timely delivery of coordinated care for numerous neurovascular emergencies. Leveraging 25 years of imaging experience to improve patient care, we are thrilled to bring an unparalleled platform approach to market that will help our customers reduce barriers to AI adoption,” TeraRecon President, Dan McSweeney.

[Source(s): ConcertAI, PR Newswire]