Boston-based Orbita Inc. has announced major enhancements to its Orbita Voice platform for creating powerful healthcare applications using voice assistive and conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technology such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, chat bots, and others. This latest version adds to Orbita’s position as the first healthcare platform provider for true omni-channel application development and maintenance across multiple voice and conversational AI channels.

The latest enhancements to Orbita Voice build on the omni-channel, “create once, publish to all” capabilities of the platform by providing:

  • New pre-built web and mobile app templates to accelerate development.
  • New analytics tools for measuring user engagement across multiple voice and chat bot interfaces.
  • Seamless switching between user interface modes (voice, text chat bots, touch, keyboard, and analog phone).
  • Integrated search features and templates to make healthcare content more accessible through voice and chat bot apps.
  • Security enhancements that expand use of voice assistive technology for applications that include sensitive, but useful user data, including protected health information regulated under HIPAA. ?

“As voice assistive and conversational applications for healthcare become more in demand, the ability reach patients across any voice-enabled device or conversational interface is becoming more important,” says Bill Rogers, chief executive of Orbita.

Rogers added that concerns about HIPAA regulations have tempered interest in voice-assistive applications based on devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. “Orbita takes protection of client data and regulatory compliance very seriously,” he says. “We have focused on delivering platform enhancements and a new reference implementation that enable completely secure voice and chat bot solutions for HIPAA-compliant smartphones, tablets and custom devices.”