Butterfly Network, Inc., a digital health company offering handheld, whole-body ultrasound, introduces Butterfly Blueprint, a system-wide platform designed to support the scaled deployment of ultrasound across hospitals and health systems to inform clinical decisions from the bedside.

Leveraging Butterfly’s unique combination of a whole-body handheld ultrasound device, software, and services, Blueprint brings hospitals and health systems a complete ultrasound solution. This system-wide offering promotes improved patient care via accessible imaging across multiple disciplines and care settings. By integrating into health systems’ clinical and administrative systems and workflows, Blueprint delivers a clinical assessment tool at scale.

“Ultrasound provides valuable information. The ability to enable the practical application of ultrasound into the clinical workflow to inform clinical decision making is powerful,” says Todd Fruchterman, MD, PhD, Butterfly Network’s president and CEO. “Butterfly Blueprint empowers an evolved point-of-care toolkit for hospitals and health systems—one that transcends beyond touch, listening, and surface visuals, and beyond habit-based imaging and lab orders. 

“With Butterfly, clinicians across all disciplines now have a strategic tool that we believe allows them to see and know sooner, helping them drive better care decisions, efficiency, and outcomes,” Fruchterman adds.

Butterfly Blueprint is complemented with a set of optional software and services including Caption Health’s AI-guided software. Caption AI™ empowers healthcare professionals without sonography expertise to capture and interpret cardiac ultrasound images for earlier disease detection and better patient management. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has approved new technology add-on payments for Caption Guidance—a designation awarded to new medical technologies and services that are expected to improve the diagnosis or treatment of Medicare beneficiaries.

“Deployment on the Blueprint platform is helping us fulfill our mission to put enhanced diagnostic capabilities in more hands and increase access for patients,” says Steve Cashman, president and CEO of Caption Health. “By integrating Caption AI with Butterfly iQ+, we’re expanding diagnostic toolkits for hospitals, health systems, and wherever a patient needs care. The insights provided by a high-quality ultrasound exam are critical for better care and earlier disease detection. Butterfly and Caption are making that vision not just a possibility, but a reality.”

The University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), upstate New York’s largest healthcare system, announced earlier this year that it will deploy Butterfly Blueprint, bringing it first to medical students, primary care providers, and home care nurses. 

Company officials say with Butterfly Blueprint, hospitals, and health systems like URMC can rapidly and easily access ultrasound-enabled insights at the point of care through capabilities such as mobile-first workflows; 20-plus presets for procedural guidance; and device-agnostic software that integrates with non-Butterfly devices, as well as with other clinical and administrative systems including the PACS and EMR.