After a 6-month evaluation that involved on-site testing of six portable digital imaging systems, four Carestream DRX-Revolution mobile x-ray systems were installed at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital (Indianapolis, Ind). These x-ray systems perform more than 150 exams a day in the 650-bed hospital.

“After we saw what the DRX-Revolution could do, it was an easy choice,” said Todd Stanley, the hospital’s administrative director of radiology. “Advanced features that improve productivity and workflow include access to the patient worklist, a collapsible column for safety during movement, easy drivability, and an automatic RFID reader that signs in our technologists using their badges. The DRX-Revolution systems allowed us to transition to digital radiography for bedside exams in our ICU areas and on all hospital floors.”

He noted that having space for supplies in the system’s holder saves time by ensuring that technologists have everything they need to perform an exam with them when they get to the patient’s room.

Stanley adds that the image quality and power of the DRX-Revolution 32kW generator enable the radiology staff to help reduce patient exposure.