The DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System, a mobile imaging system that offers a collapsible column, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

“A decade ago, our DRX-Revolution changed the mobile imaging landscape, paving the way for improved clinical outcomes and patient care,” said Dave Westgate, Chairman, President, and CEO of Carestream. “Since day one, we have designed and improved the system based on feedback from physicians, radiology administrators, and X-ray technologists. It continues to lead the industry today in providing quality medical imaging and enhanced patient care at the bedside.”

Developed with a focus on minimizing the many challenges busy radiographers face, the DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System’s collapsible column allows unobstructed views for enhanced visibility and safety to easily move the unit throughout a facility. The addition of Carestream’s ImageView software platform into this quiet and  powerful, mobile imaging system provides technologists with an advanced set of features and tools at their fingertips that help streamline workflow, boost productivity, and improve clinical outcomes.

“Carestream’s DRX-Revolution coupled with ImageView software lets us bring high-quality imaging to our patients’ bedside quickly and easily,” said Cheryl Cody, imaging manager at Franciscan Health Crawfordsville where three of the mobile units are boosting productivity in multiple departments. “Carestream’s ongoing innovation helps Franciscan Health continue to offer cutting-edge technologies for patient care to our community.”

By pairing the DRX-Revolution with Carestream’s Lux 35 Detector—a lightweight, glass-free wireless detector that offers reduced exposure dose (as compared to GoS scintillators) —it becomes even easier for radiographers to perform beside exams. The ergonomic features of the Lux 35 Detector are designed to address fatigue, strain and stress factors—especially during mobile exams—helping to alleviate radiographer discomfort. Additionally, the detector has rounded edges that make it more comfortable for the patient.

Another milestone in the DRX-Revolution’s notable history is the role it has played during the COVID-19 pandemic. Carestream significantly ramped up production of the DRX-Revolution to meet strong global demand during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic allowing facilities to capture high quality diagnostic images of critically ill patients at the bedside, helping to limit movement and the spread of infection throughout the facility.

[Source: Carestream Health]