Tel Aviv, Israel-based UltraSight (formerly OnSight Medical) has closed a $13 million Series B funding round. The investment will be used to advance U.S. clinical programs for its real-time AI guidance in a variety of care settings. The Yozma Group Korea, Atain Specialty Insurance Company, and the Weizmann Institute of Science participated in the round.

UltraSight’s AI platform provides the engine for ultrasound devices to conduct sonography at the point of care, helping more patients be accurately diagnosed and treated. Point-of-care ultrasound allows medical professionals to diagnose patients wherever they are, including clinics, community hospitals, ambulances, and remote settings. Currently, cardiac sonography is a skill that takes years to acquire and requires daily practice to maintain high proficiency, creating a shortage in these highly specialized professionals. UltraSight aims to change this dynamic by offering clinicians with no prior sonography training automated guidance and quality assessment for conducting ultrasound scans.

UltraSight also announced the strengthening of its medical and scientific advisory board with the appointment of Al Lojewski, former general manager of cardiology solutions at GE Healthcare; Laurance Grossman, MD, radiologist at Cleveland Clinic; and Andrew Cleeland, CEO of Fogarty Innovation.

“We see a future where ultrasound is readily available to assess any patient, anywhere and by any healthcare professional. Simplifying ultrasound is critical to providing fast, effective care,” says Andrew Cleeland, CEO of Fogarty Innovation. “By making ultrasound ubiquitous, UltraSight has the potential to bring the benefits of cardiac imaging to more healthcare professionals and new care settings.”

“UltraSight provides a novel and versatile platform that addresses the unmet needs of patients and physicians,” adds Davidi Vortman, CEO of UltraSight. “This financing round places us on the path to become a leading player in the ultrasound industry.”

Featured image: The image shows a cardiac ultrasound view and the UltraSight navigation guidance on the top right section of the screen. The guidance is indicating to the user how to maneuver the ultrasound probe on the patient’s body to acquire a diagnostic-quality image. (Courtesy: UltraSight)