MRI Research Employed

Philips Ultrasound, Bothell, Wash, introduces the XRES. Available on the ultra premium ATL HDI? 5000 SonoCT? ultrasound system, the XRES adaptive imaging technology enhances diagnostic information down to the pixel level. Using findings from Philips’ research on MRI, XRES technology applies an algorithm that improves clinicians’ ability to define tissue boundaries and structural details. (800) 982-2011;

Mobile Ultrasound Handling

Precision Handling Systems Inc, Orfordville, Wis, introduces the new 201A KC series mobile ultrasound handling system, designed to lift medical equipment safely. It incorporates a ground-level lock, load, and securing system with no van modifications. The retaining system keeps the medical equipment secure while being transported, thereby reducing the risk of injury to both the technologist and the equipment. (877) 633-5642;

Software-Intensive Platform

GE Medical Systems, Milwaukee,?? introduces TruScan Architecture, the foundation for two new ultrasound products, the LOGIQ 9 and LOGIQ 7. TruScan Architecture is a software-intensive, ultrasound-imaging platform that provides enhanced computational power, image manipulation capability, work-flow flexibility, and product upgradeability. The systems feature a more ergonomic design. (800) 643-6439;

Integrated Harmonics

Aloka, Tokyo, introduces the SSD-4000 PureHD diagnostic ultrasound system. Part of Aloka’s ProSound series, the SSD-4000 inherits Digital Pure Beam imaging and Tissue Harmonic Echo technologies from its premium units. The product utilizes new wide-band super-high-density probes, optimized for digital imaging, and features Pure Harmonic Detection (Pure HD), which uses echo harmonics to offer artifact-free and higher signal-to-noise ratio images, resulting in an overall clearer image and distortion-free transmission. (203) 269-5088;

Compact Premium System

The Siemens Medical Solutions Ultrasound Division, Mountain View, Calif, offers the SONOLINE? Antares ultrasound imaging system. It delivers premium performance imaging power in an easy-to-maneuver, compact package. Micropositioning capabilities include a height-adjustable monitor and keyboard, tilt-and-swivel monitor positioning, and a four-caster wheel design with a central braking system. It features Maximum Information Signal Acquisition (MISA) beam formation and Precision Up-Sampling, which implements a signal sampling process that delivers ultra-fine digitization of the signal data. (800) 477-6627;

Replacement Transducers

Sonora Medical Systems, Longmont, Colo, introduces its new line of replacement ultrasound transducers. The company now offers 19 different models for ATL, Acuson, Siemens, and Toshiba ultrasound systems. The transducers are “plug-n-play” replacement probes, and come equipped with a 12-month warranty. They are designed and manufactured under an ISO 9001 certified quality system, and are fully repairable and lightweight. (888) 476-6672;