SonoSite Inc., of Bothell, Wash, has initiated customer shipments of its SonoRemote Control.

The compact voice- or touch-activated solution adjusts ultrasound controls at a distance when using SonoSite M-Turbo® or S Series™ systems.

The SonoRemote Control, which is approximately the size of an iPhone® and uses Bluetooth® technology, customizes important system parameters, such as Depth, Gain, Freeze and Save, within 10 meters of the ultrasound system. SonoSite noted that its remote control eliminates the need to break the sterile field during interventional procedures. Furthermore, a tactile reference keypad streamlines workflow for the user, who is not required to look at the remote to identify which button to press.

“With any ultrasound guided needle placement for joint injections I am using both hands and am unable to save or freeze the ultrasound image without having a medical assistant in the room to help," said Ben DuBois, MD, orthopedic shoulder specialist in San Diego. "However, tying up my assistant just to push a button is not an efficient use of their time; it slows down patient flow, and limits the number of patients we can see in a day. With the remote I would be able to do the injection and run the ultrasound system myself without having to waste anyone’s time.”