President Barack Obama’s top technology official said he will support the efforts of David Blumenthal to advance the adoption of health information technology, according to a recent article in Government Health and IT, a HIMMS publication.

Specifically, Aneesh Chopra said he would use his position in the White House as the country’s chief technology officer and assistant to the President to support the national health IT coordinator’s initiatives, according to the report.

“I intend to be as supportive [as possible] from the White House to ensure that all the myriad moving parts of our government and, to the extent that I am engaged with the private sector and state and local government, all the resources [are brought] to bear in support of Dr. Blumenthal,” said Chopra, who spoke June 5 at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s Government Health IT conference in Washington.

Chopra said he would try to influence a “gray area in the middle that is a less defined," including ways to apply basic research and development to new strategies or prototypes.

Offering the example of voice recognition technology, Chopra pointed out that while it seemed promising a decade ago, more research and development is needed "to make it a change-agent technology," according to the article.

Additionally, Chopra mentioned that health information must run on a “reliable, resilient, next-generation, digital infrastructure."