Alaska Family Sonograms installed three Aplio 500 ultrasound systems from Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. Alaska Family will use the Aplio 500 systems to care for patients from all over the state for general OB/GYN, as well as thyroid, abdominal and vascular exams.

“Alaska Family is a high-volume imaging facility dedicated to high-quality patient care, so uptime and durability of our imaging equipment is critical,” said Gary Boss, owner and sonographer, Alaska Family Sonograms. “We have been utilizing Toshiba ultrasound equipment for more than 25 years, and they continue to be a long-term partner offering exceptional service support and reliable systems with minimal downtime.”

“With the Aplio 500s, we’ve seen better image quality and diagnostic accuracy during imaging of fetal hearts and fine needle aspiration biopsies of the thyroid, as well improvements in penetration imaging of bariatric patients,” said Radine Boss, owner, sonographer, Alaska Family Sonograms. “We also do a large number of imaging of the lymph nodes in the neck. These systems are great for showing details of very small blood vessels.”