Siemens Healthcare has received FDA clearance for its Acuson SC2000 Prime cardiovascular imaging system, which helps physicians achieve a more anatomically accurate view of the heart and dynamic blood flow in one view during interventional valve procedures, even in patients with electrocardiogram (ECG) abnormalities. The system includes a new true volume transesophageal echo (TEE) probe that enables live full-volume color Doppler imaging.

During 3D TEE imaging, the physician guides a flexible probe into the esophagus to acquire close-range, detailed cardiac images to assess valve function. TEE helps guide placement of devices such as MitraClips and artificial valves during cardiac interventions to correct valve dysfunction.

Current methods require doctors to use stitching of images from multiple heartbeats to obtain adequate information, and often eliminates patients with ECG abnormalities. The Acuson SC2000 Prime’s Z6Ms true volume TEE probe uses true volume 3D TEE with 90° x 90° real-time acquisition and full-volume color Doppler, enabling complete 3D images of the heart in every heartbeat and reducing the need for secondary interventions.

“Volume color Doppler is extremely important,” says Lissa Sugeng, MD, associate professor of medicine at Yale University. “With Siemens’ new volume acquisition, I can see the entire valve, locate the regurgitant jet, and assess the size of the orifice very quickly so that we can continue with the procedure.”

The system’s eSie Valves advanced analysis semi-automated software package also provides aortic and mitral valve measurements within seconds, allowing physicians to quickly and easily evaluate valvular anatomy and physiology to facilitate device sizing and surgical repair.

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