networking_connect_1 - usedMirada Medical, Oxford, United Kingdom, and Nautilus Medical, Barrington, Ill., have joined together to provide the portable Mirada PET/CT viewer to existing and future Nautilus Medical customers for their CD/DVD DICOM distribution systems.

According to the companies, the solution addresses the demand from hospitals and imaging centers that are recognizing the need for a PET/CT viewer to be added to their CDs and DVDs going to referring physicians and specialists.

“Many sites have requested a viewer that can display the images produced by a PET/CT system and now we can satisfy our customers with our partnership with Mirada,” said Timothy Kelley, chief executive officer for Nautilus. “As PET/CT becomes a more predominant technology, a portable viewer will become necessary for any institution.”

“Technology partners are an important element of expanding our presence and providing better tools for our doctors and users,” said Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet, managing director of Mirada Medical.

For more information, visit Mirada Medical.

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