SIGNA ExplorerGE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, has introduced a new in-field upgrade program for 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems in most regions globally.

Under the program, a currently installed GE Healthcare 1.5T LCC magnet may be upgraded to the new SIGNA Explorer Lift, providing users with modernized patient comfort, improved workflow efficiency, and enhanced diagnostic quality. By upgrading, customers can potentially benefit from cost savings in multiple ways: up to 50 percent savings in construction cost, up to 50 percent savings in equipment cost in comparison to a new 1.5T system, and up to a 30 percent increase in procedures due to potential increased throughput and referrals.

“In a time when healthcare systems are being challenged by reduced reimbursements and longer patient wait times, this upgrade program will enable them to add new clinical capabilities and access the increased efficiency of SIGNA Explorer while leveraging their current MRI investment,” said Eric Stahre, president and chief executive of GE Healthcare MRI. “By extending their MRI capacity and service lines, clinicians may receive more referrals and therefore potentially generate more revenue.

“This program reinforces our commitment to the GE Continuum by providing clinicians with solutions to avoid obsolescence and remain up-to-date on the latest clinical offerings,” Stahre continued.

GE Healthcare’s magnet line recently celebrated its 10,000th magnet manufactured and installed from a single magnet line.

Representing the latest offering from GE Healthcare, the SIGNA Explorer was designed to use 34 percent less power than previous generation MRI systems and require a smaller footprint for installation.

“Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center (OSMC) is very excited about our decision to purchase the Explorer upgrade for our existing magnet,” said Donald Hammond, CEO of OSMC in Elkhart, Ind., the first site to upgrade its system to the SIGNA Explorer Lift. “It is gratifying to know that a decision we made to choose GE over 10 years ago continues to give our organization significant benefits, including lower cost for upgraded versus new equipment as well as no construction cost associated with a new magnet, while obtaining the most up-to-date clinical technology that provides our patients with exceptional quality and services available.”

For more information, visit GE Healthcare.

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