United Imaging announces that The Center for Quantitative Cancer Imaging (CQCI) at Huntsman Cancer Institute, part of the University of Utah medical system in Salt Lake City, has installed another United Imaging PET/CT scanner. This brings advanced molecular imaging technology to the CQCI clinical research lab.

The uMI Panorama, which was unveiled at the recent SNMMI annual meeting, features a 2.9 mm NEMA resolution, a 35 cm axial field of view, and 194 ps timing resolution.

According to Jeffrey Yap, PhD, director of the CQCI at Huntsman Cancer Institute and Research Professor in the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at the University of Utah, “We are always striving for ways to bring the best technology and highest level of cancer care to our patients. We believe this new scanner will provide better image quality and improve patient comfort. Delivering world-class cancer treatment to our patients is our highest priority.”

The U.S. FDA cleared the uMI Panorama in March 2023. Huntsman Cancer Institute was the first in the U.S. to adopt this technology and had previously introduced North America’s first United Imaging uMI 780 PET/CT system in 2022.

“The first of anything is always exciting, especially when it is so unique and will be put to good use by the experts at Huntsman Cancer Institute,” says Jeffrey M. Bundy, PhD, CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions.