Mindray, a developer of healthcare solutions and technologies in ultrasound, patient monitoring, and anesthesia, has released the TE Air Wireless Handheld Ultrasound, a portable imaging tool that enhances ultrasound access. This small, cordless device allows medical professionals to have scan functions on hand, fitting various clinical needs. The TE Air connects to either mobile devices or the TE X Ultrasound System, broadening its use.

Mindray has introduced the TE Air for the point-of-care ultrasound field. It’s a small, cordless device designed for emergency medicine and critical care, making it convenient for sudden medical needs.

“The TE Air is a leap forward in ultrasound technology, offering comprehensive functionality inside or outside the hospital environment,” says Wayne Quinn, president of Mindray North America. “The new 2-in-1 innovative solution empowers clinicians to overcome the traditional constraints of cords and confined spaces giving them access to premium scanning capability when and where they need it.”

The TE Air App, for iOS, streamlines operation and can be integrated with hospital systems for better workflow. It also includes patient data management tools.

TE Air Features:

  • Uses Mindray’s eWave platform and single crystal technology for clear imaging.
  • Comes with presets for various exams like cardiac, abdomen, lung, etc., aiding in accurate bedside decisions.
  • The Air Capsule acts as both a protector and portable charger.
  • Its IP68 rating ensures it’s waterproof and dustproof, allowing for easy cleaning.