Traditionally PET imaging has been offered with one, two, three, or even four rings of detectors with gaps between the rings. Now, UK-based MR Solutions, an independent provider of preclinical imaging technologies, is offering continuous PET detection—thus avoiding any artifacts caused by the gaps between the rings.

“We can now provide a continuous detector, which is customized to the length of the scanner,”says David Taylor, CEO, of MR Solutions. “These arrays can be incorporated into our clip-on PET scanners for sequential multimodality imaging on both our MRI scanners and our recently launched CT range of scanners. The PET scanner is also available as an insert inside the bore of the cryogen-free MRI scanners for simultaneous PET/MR images.”

All of the PET scanners, both clip-on and inserts, can be used as a standalone scanner. Further, MR Solutions’ PET scanners provide a resolution below 1mm. Taylor adds: “MR Solutions is dedicated to providing better imaging solutions to researchers across the globe. Technology is constantly improving and when you spend a great deal of money on a scanner which is going to have to last many years researchers want the latest technology.”