A neurosurgeon at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has performed the first real-time, MRI-guided shunt placement in the brain using the ClearPoint Neuro Intervention System from MRI Interventions. Ellen Air, MD, used the tool to relieve fluid build-up surrounding a cyst deep in the brain.

“I elected to perform the procedure under real-time MRI-guidance and direct visualization because accuracy was particularly important in this shunt placement operation,” Air said. “The intra-procedural visualization provided by the system helped me avoid critical neurological and vascular structures in the brain, and real-time MRI guidance allowed for optimal positioning of the catheter to achieve optimal drainage of the cyst.”

The ClearPoint system can be run continually throughout surgery, providing real-time visualization of delicate tissues of the brain. A SmartFrame targeting device enables alignment and insertion of surgical instruments. ClearPoint has previously been used in asleep deep brain stimulation procedures, laser ablation therapy and brain biopsy, and is currently involved in clinical trials exploring direct drug delivery in the brain.