MRc Yeescope Photos-8Intellimed has recently launched the MRcYeescope, a single-piece, disposable laryngoscope with applications in the magnetic resonance suite.

Tested by an independent laboratory, the tool is safe for use with magnets up to 3 Tesla. The scope includes MR compatible batteries and LED technology to provide bright, clear illumination.

Intellimed is also offering a standard Yeescope, which meets or exceeds laryngoscope guidelines published by The Joint Commission. Also equipped with LED illumination, the Yeescope is designed to avoid cross-contamination from poor sterilization or reuse of the same laryngoscope handle on multiple patients.

According to the company, the price point of both scopes compares favorably with competing single-patient-use devices and significantly less than sterilization of reusable laryngoscopes.

Developed by a practicing anesthesiologist in Australia, the MRc and standard Yeescopes have been distributed in global markets for over a decade. They are available for immediate shipment.

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