Aurora Imaging Technology Inc. has announced that two Aurora® 1.5Tesla Dedicated Breast MRI Systems will be available to patients at Atlanta-based Breast Care Specialists LLC, marking the first time one health care facility has received a pair of the Aurora units.

The multidisciplinary practice installed its first Aurora Breast MRI in 2005. To meet the center’s growing needs, it added a second system this summer.

Breast Care Specialists sees a total of more than 27,000 patients annually.

 “As a diagnostic center, the majority of women come to us with newly diagnosed breast cancer, a new clinical problem or imaging abnormality, or because they are at increased risk for developing breast cancer.  Therefore, it’s important to be able to address patient needs in a timely fashion,” said Pamela Donlan, M.D., radiologist, Breast Care Specialists.  “With a second Aurora Breast MRI, we hope to reduce appointment wait time and as a result, expedite treatment planning.”