Carestream Health has announced its plans to lay off 500-700 workers in the next few years, with roughly half of those cuts expected in the company’s Rochester, N.Y. workforce, which currently totals approximately 1,400.

According to Rochester radio station WXXI, affected areas are expected to include general and administrative functions, such as purchasing, legal, information technology and finance, and possibly manufacturing, R&D, and supply chain positions, since the company plans to evaluate outsourcing and off-shoring certain activities in these areas.

Carestream spokesperson John LaBella said the layoffs do not stem from poor short-term performance but rather from the company’s drive to position itself for continued, long-term success.  He explained that the company is above benchmark cost measurements for a business of its size and that achieving long-term success requires adjusting the company’s cost base accordingly.

He also added that to ensure efficiency, Carestream will make investments in enabling technologies like IT and hire people as needed.

He did not comment on whether executive compensation would be reduced or increased to match the layoffs, according to the news report.