Data Ray Corp. (Westminster, Colo.) launches Precision 1M, a completely digital 20.1-inch diagonal, 1 megapixel gray scale LCD flat-panel display – the result of Data Ray’s joint development venture with SpectraTech Inc. (Japan). The Precision 1M offers a contrast ratio of 700:1 and more than 1,554 visible gray shades. Its automatic brightness stabilizing circuitry minimizes fluctuations in brightness caused by internal and environmental temperatures, and the 170-degree viewing angle allows for comfortable viewing from nearly any angle or by large groups. Each Precision 1M includes DR.KAL, Data Ray’s calibration software, which guarantees DICOM compliance and assures consistency over time and among several displays in a single system. Its 1280×1024 resolution makes it suitable for fluoroscopic, CT, MR, cardiac and other diagnostic images. For more information, contact the company at 303-451-1300.

Gamma camera specialist Medx Inc. (Arlington Heights, Ill.) expands its NuQuest product offerings with the new InteCam Interface, specifically designed for the GE XRT and XCT. The NuQuest, a PC-based computer, operates on a system powered with the latest Pentium technology. For more information, contact Medx at 847-463-2020 or toll-free at 800-323-6339. Visit the company’s Web site at

Unfors Instruments Inc. (New Milford, Conn.) adds to the company’s line of pocket-sized Mult-O-Meters for X-ray machine quality assurance and service with the Mult-O-Meter Model 706. Designed for simultaneous measurement of dose, kVp, mAs and time on R/F X-ray machines, Model 706 offers technical advantages, including excellent energy response, no back scattering, no temperature or pressure corrections, no drift, no warm-up time and no bias supply. The external detector makes for easy positioning in film cassettes or on image intensifiers. Measurements can be transferred to Microsoft Excel for reports via an infrared interface. For more information, contact Unfors Instruments Inc. at 860-355-2588.

Array Corp. USA (Sparta, N.J.) introduces a software upgrade to the DICOM Scan application that controls the company’s 2905 Laser Film Digitizer. DICOM Scan version 1.2 enables operators to more easily pull and match patient information from DICOM-converted databases with prior films and images being scanned into digital records. The AutoDivision feature in the new version can divide a single sheet of multiformatted images into individual DICOM images. Also, radiologists can compare patients’ digital and film studies by reading soft-copy studies in stack and cine modes. The Array 2905 Laser Film Digitizer scans 14×17 film at 2K resolution in seven seconds, offers 4.0 Optical Density with .002 accuracy, and provides a Variable Sampling Pitch that changes spot size from five to 500 microns in single micron steps. For more information, contact Array Corp. USA at 973-726-4274 or visit the company’s Web site at

Ximis Inc. (El Paso, Texas) previews its Xiris 3.0 extended Internet RIS (radiology information system) with new modules for tracking mammography exams, for keeping track of referring physicians reports and for keeping detailed records of all medical actions in patient records. The new developments build on the product’s basics: a Web-based application featuring patient registration and archive, exam tracking, telescheduling, reporting capabilities that include images, and administrative tools that allow customers to personalize their systems with logos and letterheads. Xiris 3.0 works on any platform that can run Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or any other browser, and it is available in several languages. For further information, contact Ximis at 915-832-0134.

U.S. Electronics Inc./Totoku (Minneapolis, Minn.) unveils its Model ME201L 20.1-inch 2 megapixel active a-Si TFT monochrome LCD monitor, designed exclusively for PACS, teleradiology, CT, MRI and X-ray imaging applications. Native resolution is 1600×1200, supporting multimode operations from VGA to UXGA; viewing angle is 170 degrees in all directions with a contrast ratio of 600:1. It has both portrait and landscape modes. The monitor meets worldwide medical safety approvals such as UL2601 and IEC601-1 and comes complete with a universal VESA mounting for wall or desk. For more information, contact U.S. Electronics Inc./Totoku at 952-285-5720.

Spacesaver Corp. (Fort Atkinson, Wis.) debuts its Small Media Storage Accessories product for storing microfiche, VHS tapes, cassettes tapes, CDs and data storage cartridges in existing four-post shelving units. The new line consists of lightweight, high-impact polystyrene storage bins installed on a precision-engineered track that allows the bins to slide side-to-side and be stacked front-to-back for increased storage density. Bins measure 9.75 inches high by 11.75 inches wide and are available in four depths ranging from 2.25 inches to 5 inches. Bins can be configured as needed. For even more storage density, Small Media Storage Accessories can be incorporated into mobile storage units, such as Spacesaver’s own QuickSpace product. For further information, contact Spacesaver Corp. at 920-563-6362 or toll-free at 800-492-3434. Visit the company’s Web site at

PerkinElmer Optoelectronics (Fremont, Calif.) presents its Radiation Image Detector (RID) 1620, a digital flat-panel X-ray detector designed primarily for the nondestructive testing market. The RID 1620, based on a monolithic 16-inch by 16-inch amorphous silicon sensor equal in size to conventional X-ray film, offers spatial resolution of 2048×2048 pixels. As a new member of the company’s large-area X-ray detector family, the RID 1620 has the potential to be used in bone densitometry applications. For more information, contact the company at 510-979-6817 or visit the company’s Web’s site,

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