Philips Healthcare, Andover, Mass, is taking 3.0 Tesla MR on the road, selling its first Achieva 3.0T TX Mobile MRI, the first Mobile 3T MRI in the world.

Transportable inside a 48-foot trailer, the mobile 3T also features MultiTransmit, a patient-adaptive technology that uses multiple RF transmission signals to automatically adjust to each patient’s unique size and shape.

COLBALT, a United Kingdom medical charity, made the first purchase.

Conrad Smits, CEO for MRI, Philips Healthcare, said in the press statement that the mobile 3T’s main advantage is that several different health care facilities can rent it any time. Thus, if there is ever a patient overflow problem at a multi-campus medical center, the 3T can be moved to alleviate the overflow.

Smits added, “It is also ideal for health care facilities who do not have the resources to build or add onto their own MRI suites or who want to sample the imaging service provided by advanced 3.0 T MultiTransmit technology.”

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(Source: Press Release)