At the 2013 annual meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), Siemens Healthcare showcased imaging solutions that apply to all subspecialties of radiation therapy, from external beam therapy to stereotactic body radiosurgery/stereotactic ablation radiation therapy, brachytherapy and particle therapy.

Systems on display include:

  • SOMATOM Definition AS Open CT Simulator RT Pro edition: The RT Pro edition of Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS Open 20/64 slice computed tomography (CT) simulator is designed for RT professionals. Innovations in the RT Pro edition of the SOMATOM Definition AS Open include MARIS as a standard feature. RT Pro also features Motion Management Pro and Varian RPM (Real-time Position Management). In addition, the system includes Siemens HD FoV Pro algorithm.
  • Biograph mCT Flow: The Biograph mCT Flow is a positron emission tomography/CT (PET/CT) system that offers an optional single, continuous motion of the patient table for PET. This technology, known as FlowMotion, offers multiple benefits for use in radiation therapy. FlowMotion enables organ-focused image detail in a single scan, providing the ability to combine Hi-Res reconstruction, motion management, and variable speed.
  • SOMATOM Definition AS Open Sliding Gantry: Siemens offers a family of SOMATOM Sliding Gantry solutions, or CT-on-rails, for installation in the brachytherapy suite and treatment room. It is ideally suited for 3D image-guided brachytherapy, delivering 3D images for localization verification of applicators, needles, and seeds directly after placement. The SOMATOM Definition AS Open also diminishes the need to move the patient to another room.
  • MAGNETOM Combi Suite Radiation Therapy: The MAGNETOM Combi Suite Radiation Therapy brings the magnetic resonance (MR) imaging intelligence of Siemens’ open bore MAGNETOM Aera 1.5T and MAGNETOM Skyra 3T MRI systems to the RT treatment planning process, where MRI’s soft-tissue differentiation enriches traditional CT planning information. The MAGNETOM Combi Suite Radiation Therapy combines the Aera and Skyra MRI systems with Siemens’ Tim (Total imaging matrix) Dockable Table, a flat tabletop for RT-like positioning, as well as MR-compatible positioning devices and an optional external laser system.
  • Varian Exchange ARIA Connectivity for ARTISTE Linacs10: As part of their worldwide partnership in radiotherapy and radiosurgery, Varian Medical Systems and Siemens Healthcare have jointly developed software interfaces that connect Siemens linear accelerators (linacs) with Varian’s ARIA oncology information system. At ASTRO, Siemens will showcase the new Varian Exchange, the connectivity solution between Siemens’ linac11 and Varian’s ARIA oncology information system. This solution enables Siemens linac users to connect their systems to ARIA, thereby providing the option to transition to this modern, feature-rich OIS when updating equipment in the department.