NeuroLogica announces that BodyTom Elite, its mobile, full-body, 32-slice CT scanner, is now available for purchase in Japan.

“The expansion of the market for the BodyTom Elite, which transforms any hospital room into an advanced imaging suite, means more patients will have access to leading-edge diagnostic imaging,” says Jason Koshnitsky, senior director, global sales and marketing for NeuroLogica. “The BodyTom Elite seamlessly integrates into any OR, neurosurgery, radiation oncology or radiology suite, and provides a more accurate, sharper image.”

BodyTom Elite CT systems are clinically used in these environments in more than 20 countries. Japan has one of the highest CT scanners per unit population in the world. BodyTom Elite offers additional flexibility allowing point-of-care CT imaging, and reduces risks associated with moving critically ill patients to radiology.

In the world of advanced imaging, millimeters can be the difference when it comes to delivering an accurate diagnosis or treatment. BodyTom Elite delivers that capability, with features including:

  • New detector material gadolinium oxysulfide detector that has better scintillation properties than the previous detector material
  • Battery operation for use in any environment
  • Charging from a standard wall outlet
  • Self-shielded with ability to use in most rooms
  • Improved distribution of power in the system with new design of the lithium batteries

The BodyTom Elite software offers numerous advanced features, including:

  • Comprehensive cybersecurity features with built-in tools for protecting against cyberthreats from external attacks
  • Low-dose lung cancer screening
  • Contrast capability, which allows use of CT angiography and perfusion imaging utilizing bolus tracking and manual start
  • Metal artifact reduction, improving metal implants and trauma cases
  • A noise-reduction algorithm, which will improve image quality
  • Automatic exposure control, which minimizes the amount of radiation by factoring the thickness and density of a patient

BodyTom Elite is XR-29 (MITA Smart Dose) compliant and as such includes four key features of CT equipment that enable optimization or management of radiation dose delivery: dose structured reporting, CT dose check, automatic exposure control, and pediatric and adult reference protocols.