NeuroLogica Corp., of Danvers, Mass., recently announced that it will acquire all technology and assets for Xenon CT Perfusion from Diversified Diagnostic Products Inc., of Houston.

With the company’s CereTom, a portable, eight-slice CT, Xenon CT Perfusion can allow NeuroLogica to provide faster, more accurate and quantifiable information on cerebral blood flow in patients with a variety of neurological emergencies, such as stroke and traumatic brain injury.

The technology also helps to enhance NeuroLogica’s portable CT capabilities in the emergency room, intensive care unit and operating room.

“The CereTom portable CT combined with the XeCT package is an extremely valuable diagnostic tool in monitoring patients with traumatic brain injury,” said Colin McDonald, M.D., medical director for NeuroLogica Corp. “The ability to acquire quantitative Xenon studies in the ICU at the bedside is changing the way we assess cerebral blood flow in these critically ill patients. This combination of technology will advance NeuroLogica’s vision of the right technology, for the right patient, at the right time.”