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RadiForce RX211 from EIZO

The RadiForce RX211 from Eizo Nanao Technologies Inc, Cypress, Calif, which debuted at SIIM 2008, is a 2-megapixel color LCD monitor with 1200 x 1600 native resolution. According to EIZO, it was developed to meet the growing need of hospitals for a monitor that can display both grayscale and color images. Backed by a 5-year warranty, the RadiForce RX211 has the capabilities to show color and monochrome images on one monitor. It features a high brightness of 750 cd/m2, a contrast ratio of 1100:1, and the company’s latest application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). The ASIC contains a Digital Uniformity Equalizer function, which corrects luminance uniformity errors for every grayscale tone, as well as chromaticity uniformity errors. Furthermore, the RadiForce RX211 is equipped with a CAL Switch function with calibration modes for various modalities, such as CT, endoscopy, and CR.

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Digital Dashboard from Carestream Health

The latest version of CARESTREAM Digital Dashboard from Carestream Health, Rochester, NY, includes a proactive notification for system events via e-mail or text messaging. Supporting CARESTREAM RIS/PACS and CARESTREAM Information Management solutions, the digital dashboard presents users with a way to proactively monitor equipment performance, storage utilization, and user volumes from anywhere. Also, it permits administrators to verify network communication of other vendors’ devices. Enhancements include user-configurable e-mail or text message alerts for issues ranging from disc space and table space thresholds to disruptions in network connectivity and failed processes. An improved user interface allows for maintenance checklists to be managed separately for each server.

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Digta SonicMic from Grundig Business Systems

The newest version of Germany-based Grundig Business Systems’ Digta SonicMic desktop dictation microphone was designed with an adjustment screw to enhance user-friendliness. Users have the ability to adjust the ergonomic sliding switch from a clear snap to a smooth switch. With the AdapterServer tool, users can assign up to 22 PC controls. In an effort to offer additional comfort during longer dictation sessions, the dictation microphone was developed with a “clear, soft-touch composite.” Moreover, it can be easily managed with one hand. All digital procession on the computer can be controlled via TrackPoint. Users can read text directly to the PC and, with DigtaSoft software, edit it as needed.

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USB Smart Key from Philips

A new licensing tool from Netherlands-based Royal Philips Electronics allows dictation software licenses to be uploaded to any computer. Replacing current dongles and older security codes that require manual processes, Philips’ product combines original software protection with user convenience and mobility. After insertion into a USB port, the software automatically accesses the license stored on the key. With the touch of a download button, the license can be transferred to a computer, and once the download is complete, the key is no longer needed for licensing. The USB Smart Key allows users to switch from an office computer to a home computer without the need for a second license. Additional features include a smart color program for continuous license status notification and a 30-day crash recovery license.

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PinPoint from the Beekley Corp

The Beekley Corp, Bristol, Conn, has released PinPoint for small field-of-view imaging in MRI. The product has a 6-mm diameter filled with Radiance imaging liquid, and it is designed to brightly and consistently image on every sequence. According to Beekley, PinPoint communicates the precise area of interest to technologists and interpreting physicians without distorting pathology. As the latest offering from Beekley, the PinPoint for small field-of-view MRI joins an entire line of skin markers to be used in various capacities, such as CT skin markets and multimodality fiducial markers. Pricing rates are as follows: one to four boxes, $108; five to nine boxes, $90; 10 to 19 boxes, $83; 20 to 49 boxes, $73; 50 to 99 boxes, $63; and 100+ boxes, $50.

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MediaWriter D200 from PACSGEAR

To add advanced robotics and printing for large-volume applications, PACSGEAR Inc, Pleasanton, Calif, recently introduced a high-volume robotic CD/DVD burner for PACSGEAR MediaWriter. Showcased at the SIIM meeting in Seattle, MediaWriter D200 employs the Epson Discproducer with built-in inkjet printer to quickly write and print DICOM CD/DVDs with one click. The Discproducer is equipped with two CD/DVD drives and a capacity of 100 discs, and its printer labels CDs and DVDs with customizable information to enhance patient safety. An ideal solution for outlying departments, hospitals, and imaging centers, the technology reports to CDs, DVDs, USB memory sticks, and flash memory. Furthermore, the MediaWriter D200 incorporates an integrated viewer, allowing patients and physicians to view studies and reports anywhere. This scalable solution completes PACSGEAR’s line of “affordable, automated” DICOM distribution solutions, according to the company.

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