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IntelliVue Mobile Viewer Application from Philips

Transmitting key patient information to PDAs, the new IntelliVue mobile viewer application from Philips Healthcare, provides physicians with increased mobility and access to patient information from anywhere within the hospital through patient data and alerts from a PDA device. The mobile viewer application can be downloaded onto an existing PDA and receives patient data wirelessly via a customer-supplied 802.11 infrastructure for secure convenience. The IntelliVue mobile viewer delivers patient information in an easy-to-read format, including large numeric view, six waveforms, and up to 10 seconds of data that can be displayed. Furthermore, clinicians can capture and store screen shots for future use. Philips’ mobile viewer application is supported via Windows Mobile 5.0 or Windows Mobile 6.0 Classic and Professional.

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OtterBox 1933 from OtterBox

With the popularity of BlackBerry smartphones among medical professionals, a new solution from OtterBox, of Fort Collins, Colo, seeks to protect a product that provides access to e-mails and patient files while improving communication and enhancing patient care. According to the company, hospital environments are no place for a delicate device that can easily be dropped, scratched, or worse. A sleek, slim-fit OtterBox case allows complete usability of the trackball and offers durable bump, scratch, and drop protection. It sports three layers: a thermal-formed, protective clear membrane, a high-impact polycarbonate shell, and a silicone skin that absorbs bump and shock. OtterBox offers cases for the BlackBerry 8800, the BlackBerry Curve, and the BlackBerry Pearl series smartphones, as well as laptops, iPods, PDAs, and Tablet PCs.

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MRSA Cleaning Tool from MagnaWand

To combat the spread of resistant bacteria in hospitals, MagnaWand of Newton, Pa, has introduced a nonmagnetic tool that was developed to clean and disinfect MRI, PET, and CT scanners. Reaching inside the MRI magnet bore or CT scan gantry, the tool is designed to disinfect difficult-to-reach places and to help prevent contamination by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The tool weighs less than 1 pound and is approximately 26 inches in length. It also comes equipped with disposable pads, weighing 1 ounce and measuring 4 inches by 5 inches. These cleaning pads can be used with any spray disinfectant or cleaning solution. Once the area of interest has been cleaned and disinfected, users can simply eject the disposable pad without touching it with their hands, eliminating the risk of further contamination.

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SMaRT from Mammography Reporting System

With a few clicks of a mouse, physicians can organize the schedules of staff, patients, equipment, and rooms through the Scheduling Matrix and Resource Tracker (SMaRT) from Seattlebased Mammography Reporting System Inc (MRS). After users schedule patients for a particular procedure, the software coordinates the particular technologist or radiologist, open rooms, and requisite equipment. If the initial appointment time must be canceled, SMaRT will search the matrix for the next available time when the required resources align. Furthermore, the solution helps to reduce the number of missed appointments by sending automatic e-mails, containing customized, automatic instructions, to patients. In addition to tracking missed appointments, the technology can monitor resources and generate detailed reports on their usage.

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Premium Kits from Grundig Business Systems

Professional dictation systems manufacturer Grundig Business Systems, of Germany, has introduced a range of Premium Kits for power users. The kits, which are available in three distinct versions, each contain a transcription station, as well as DigtaSoft PC software. Customers can choose from Digta-Desktop for officebased use, DigtaMobile for use on the road, and Digta-Transcription for secretaries and transcription services. The Premium Kits also contain the DigtaSoundbox 820 USB with a space-saving footprint, integrated sound card, and volume control. The DigtaSoft PC software, ideal for small or medium-sized networks, can be installed using a built-in wizard. It is compatible with modern voice recognition systems, and the software is scalable to allow for expansion. An upgrade to the more function-rich DigtaSoft Pro is possible at any time.

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Teli Medical-Grade LCD from Toshiba

Irvine, Calif-based Toshiba Teli America Inc, the North American subsidiary of the Toshiba Teli Corporation, recently introduced the T24MSA001-MD medical-grade 24-inch LCD color wide-screen monitor with full HD resolution to achieve the most natural reproduction of video images and the highest level of differentiation for diagnostic analysis, video endoscopy, and surgery. The monitor, which is pole or wall mountable using standard VESA brackets, offers 800:1 contrast, 500 cd/m2 brightness, and the versatility of PIP/POP functionality. It connects via DVII, DVI-D, composite, Y/C, and RGB video inputs and supports both NTSC and PAL. Also, it is designed to comply with a variety of video display formats ranging from VGA (640 x 480) up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution. The T24MSA001 features fast response time combined with a wide viewing angle (178?) and a 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratio, making the product ideal for real-time display of ECG-, EEG-, x-rays, and other dynamic medical images, such as bedside monitoring. Key features include advanced OSD menu control, user-selectable color temperature settings, and auto termination (75 ohms).

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