ProSound 3500SX from Aloka America Ltd

Offering significant enhancements to its previous systems, Aloka America Ltd, Wallingford, Conn, introduced the ProSound 3500SX 4D diagnostic ultrasound system last month at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology annual clinical meeting in New Orleans. With clinical applications that include obstetrics, gynecology, breast, and urology, the system features a flat-panel display; enhanced 3D/4D imaging that saves entire data sets for later review; 3D/4D viewing software for postprocessing on independent workstations; a USB port for fast, easy media storage; and extended field of view.

The ProSound also offers Harmonic Echo technology, which utilizes second harmonics and, as a result, much less side lobe artifact and noise. Quint Frequency Imaging allows users to select ultrasound frequencies from among five selections with one probe. Options include tissue Doppler imaging, which displays movement with color, and free angular M-mode, which lets customers set the M-mode cursor at any position and in any direction on a B-mode image to obtain a M-mode trace. They also can reconstruct M-mode images from stored B-mode images in CineMemory.

The Spec Sheet

  1. Optional DVD/CD writer
  2. Harmonic Echo
  3. 12-bit A/D converter
  4. QFI
  5. Multibeam processing
  6. Optional TDI and FAM
  7. 12-bit digital beam former
  8. 172 dB system dynamic range
  9. Maximum 700 frames per second
  10. 256 display grayscale
  11. DICOM network communication

The Visible Difference

Combining superior image quality, reliability, and service, the ProSound 3500SX is equipped with improved features that Aloka says are seldom found in an office ultrasound environment. By migrating high-level technologies from the company’s premium Alpha 10 system to the ProSound 3500SX, Aloka makes advanced 4D imaging, postprocessing, and other capabilities affordable. The ProSound 3500SX helps users achieve more efficient examinations by providing tools and technologies for faster diagnoses. Furthermore, the system’s ergonomic, user-friendly design enables customers to customize the system according to their specific application needs.