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Multimedia Imager and Publishing Tools from Codonics

At the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) to be held June 2?6 in Washington, DC, Codonics Inc, Middleburg Heights, Ohio, will showcase its new multimedia solution, offering hospitals and imaging centers a way to provide professional patient consultation tools to their referring physicians. A useful marketing tool for centers looking to grow business by expanding their base of referring physicians, the multimedia publishing solution offers an economical alternative to sending film?all from a solution that fits on a countertop. Composed of two stand-alone products, the Horizon Multi-Media Dry Imager and the Virtua Medical Disc Publisher, Codonics? solution seamlessly connects with most vendors’ equipment and accepts DICOM images. The Dry Imager can print diagnostic images onto several sizes of film, color paper, or grayscale paper in any combination without operator intervention; the Virtua Medical Disc Publisher (shown here) can concurrently record and label multiple medical studies onto CD and DVD media, and includes an advanced embedded processor, robotic disc handling, and a touch-screen interface.

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NumaList Plus for SPECT

At SNM 2007, Numa Inc, Amherst, NH, will debut its newest application: the NumaList Plus system for the Pegasys SPECT imaging device from Philips Medical Systems, Andover, Mass. Providing enhanced integration, functionality, and efficiency, NumaList Plus eliminates time-consuming re-entry of patient information by enabling the import of HIS/RIS data directly into Pegasys systems, leaving the user to merely select the scheduled patient at the workstation and acquire the images. When the study is complete, the Pegasys workstation exports the patient file to NumaList Plus, where additional relevant RIS/PACS information is added. Also new at SNM are enhanced vendor compatibility capabilities for NumaRead, which enables automated data migration and translation of images into DICOM format; the system supports automated migration of entire image libraries and streamlines the location and access of pre-existing studies on any media.

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PET/CT Workstation Software from Merge

New at SNM from Merge Healthcare, Milwaukee, is Merge PET/CT Workstation software. Designed to accommodate standard methods used by radiologists to read images obtained by PET and CT, this vendor-neutral solution maximizes digital reading with easy-to-use controls for advanced imaging and streamlined reporting. Such reading tools as 3D volume rendering and hot-spot scout, as well as comprehensive reporting tools like SUV calculations and configurable color maps, are incorporated into the system to maximize clinical effectiveness. Workflow is enhanced with PACS-mimicking layouts split across dual monitors in panoramic mode, allowing simultaneous review of CT, PET correct, PET uncorrected, PET/CT fused, and MIP images. Rigid registration between images allows simultaneous navigation through all data sets, while the system enables DICOM connectivity to PACS solutions for easier image receiving and storage.

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NM and PET/CT Software from MedImage

MedImage Inc, Ann Arbor, Mich, has received the CE Marking for the European Union market for its DELTAmanager software, which provides an efficient means by which physicians can read nuclear medicine and PET/CT studies remotely, on a laptop, or at a PACS workstation. Enabling cost-efficient, rapid report turnaround, as well as better use of personnel and integrated data management, the software suite provides fused PET/CT displays, DICOM export, standard uptake value (SUV) support for PET imaging, and DICOM CD generation. Volume registration tools enable fast and accurate alignment of data originating from multiple cameras and modalities. Optional programs, including 4DM-SPECT cardiac analysis and NeuroQ PET brain analysis, can be integrated into the software.

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PET VCAR Oncology Application from GE Healthcare

New at SNM 2007 from GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, is the company’s next-generation volume PET/CT oncology application, known as PET volume computer-assisted reading (VCAR). The system provides clinicians with a tumor response “report card” for improved patient management. Also new from GE Healthcare is the PETtrace10, offering PET radiopharmaceutical users increased capacity and reliability for producing PET radioisotopes, and FASTlab (shown here), a multitracer cassette-based PET chemistry synthesis platform with an integrated cassette preloaded with pharmaceutical grade reagents for faster synthesis and higher yields. Finally, the company will highlight its Discovery VCT 64-slice PET/CT system with SnapShot Pulse functionality, providing detailed anatomical and physiological information for improved diagnostic confidence when assessing coronary artery disease.

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PET/CT Pulmonary Toolkit from Philips

Using advanced respiratory monitoring technologies to improve the diagnostic accuracy of PET/CT scans and to better integrate the diagnosis and treatment of oncology patients, the PET/CT Pulmonary Toolkit, new from Philips Medical Systems, Andover, Mass, will make its debut at SNM 2007. By applying respiratory correlating imaging to PET data, the system minimizes breathing artifacts, improving the accuracy of both PET attenuation correction and SUV calculations and enabling small lesion detection as well as more precise localization. Correlation of CT and PET respiratory data results in more accurate representation of tumor size and shape and improved assessment of tumor motion. Designed and tested based on customer feedback, the Toolkit meets requirements for clinical applications in nuclear medicine, radiology, and radiation oncology, and it features a patient-friendly design for greater ease of use.

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