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Enterprise Integration Software from Compressus

Compressus Inc, Washington, DC, offers MEDxConnect enterprise systems integration software, which is designed to provide connectivity and interoperability between diagnostic acquisition devices and various information systems. The centerpiece of the technology is the Medical Message Mediator (M3), which uses the communications protocols and semantics of each participating information system to control the flow of images, reports, messages, standard patient demographics, and other important data. M3 provides connectivity between different applications; its virtual integrated information system is IHE-adherent. MEDxConnect also features Virtual Worklist (which leverages M3 technology to create a cross-system patient worklist) and Systems Management Dashboard (which monitors enterprise activities and helps identify inefficiencies).

Web: ? www.compressus.com
Phone: (202) 742-4307

Trimodality Preclinical Imaging System from Gamma Medica-Ideas

Gamma Medica-Ideas, Northridge, Calif, has unveiled its new FLEX Triumph trimodality preclinical imaging system. FLEX Triumph, the company?s fifth-generation system, can be configured with PET, SPECT, or CT subsystems, or any combination therein. For SPECT imaging, FLEX Triumph can be configured with up to four of Gamma Medica-Ideas? CZT-based solid-state gamma cameras, minimizing the potential for co-registration errors and offering dual-isotope imaging capabilities. The Vivid software platform includes improved acquisition, reconstruction, analysis, viewing, and image handling; the FLEX Triumph system also incorporates Gamma Medica-Ideas? X-SPECT, X-PET, and X-O technology.

Web: ? www.gm-ideas.com
Phone: (818) 709-2468

fMRI Software from Kyron Clinical Imaging

Kyron Clinical Imaging Inc, Wauwatosa, Wis, offers Kyron Prism software and services for functional MRI (f MRI) and advanced multiparameter MR studies; the new product line includes Prism Acquire, Prism Process, and Prism View. Prism Acquire manages the acquisition of advanced image sequences using a rich menu of clinically proven and customizable protocols, and includes ready-to-use f MRI paradigms for vision, hearing, motor, language, and cognition. Prism Process offers quality assurance while preparing data for clinical interpretation. And Prism View provides a viewing tool for manipulating sophisticated composites of parameter sequences. For MRI sites handling smaller numbers of patients, Kyron also offers Prism Serve, which provides advanced functional imaging capabilities on a fee-per-study basis.

Web: ? www.kyronclinical.com
Phone: (414) 727-1930

Knowledge-Management and e-Learning Software from MiASoft

Two new versions of the knowledge-management and e-learning software Advanced image Management System (AiMS) are now available from MiASoft Ltd, Faringdon, UK. The new releases are based on extensive user feedback and incorporate enhancements, additions, and improved PACS interfacing and integrating capabilities. The AiMS Server-Client system includes a redesigned user interface for improved usability; enhanced image and data import and export capabilities, including DICOMDIR; handling of JPEG2000 images; and integrated maintenance tools for user, database, and system management. The latest version of the WebAiMS Web Client boasts significant flexibility, allowing AiMS to be accessed from any PC via a Web browser. Its new features include multiple database searching, automatic creation of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and an extensive image-export functionality. Images can be viewed using a Flash viewer or a free Java viewer for DICOM.

Web: www.miasoft.com
Phone: +44(0) 207-1580928

Gamma Camera for Cardiac Studies from Spectrica

A new medical imaging equipment developer, Spectrica Inc, Ottawa, recently launched the first of a family of gamma cameras for cardiac studies: the maiCam 180. Partner company Segami Corp provides the workstation with a complete set of processing applications, and will jointly market the cameras with another partner, MidAtlantic Imaging, which will provide US service and support. The maiCam 180 features a unique tube array, one 12-bit analog-to-digital converter per tube, 12 DSP programmable array processing, and a 9-axis synchronized motion-control system. Clinical trials at an unnamed US institution recently began.

Web: ? www.spectrica.com
Phone: (613) 225-5554