Convertible Ultrasound Platform Makes Its Alaskan Debut
Product Showcase: Nemio Ultrasound System Gets an Upgrade
Running the Numbers
ACR and SRU Partner to Offer Obstetric Ultrasound Online Lecture Series
Product Showcase: Upgrade to Accuvix XQ Ultrasound System Broadens Cardiology Capabilities

Convertible Ultrasound Platform Makes Its Alaskan Debut

Alaska’s largest hospital, Providence Alaska Medical Center (Anchorage), recently completed its installation of the ultrasound system from ZONARE Medical Systems (Mountain View, Calif). The ultrasound platform allows conversion from a cart-based system to a compact unit that can be carried to a patient’s bedside; Providence Radiology Services is the first hospital in Alaska to offer the technology.

The ultrasound system from ZONARE converts from a cart-based system (left) to a compact unit (right).

“We wanted to be able to quickly and easily bring ultrasound imaging to a patient’s bedside without compromising image quality,” Stephen Katzenson, radiology director at Providence, said in a press release. “Up until the, portable ultrasound systems had been lacking in premium image quality. ?
The fact that it can convert from a cart-based to a portable unit at the touch of a button makes it a great addition to our variety of imaging services.”

Added Michelle Winningham, ultrasound supervisor at Providence, “With the, we can go to the bedside of the sickest patients and conduct the ultrasound exam without transporting them to the radiology department. This really makes a difference in patient care. Plus, the images are excellent and help us in providing confident diagnosis.”

ZONARE’s technology incorporates the company’s Zone Sonography software-based architecture for better performance as processing power mounts, enabling fast and easy upgrades in clinical capabilities. Enhancements and upgrades to can be downloaded from the Internet.

The company doubled installations of the platform in the first 6 months of 2006; more than 300 systems are now in operation worldwide. “This technology provides an incredible price-to-value ratio,” noted Michael Racenstein, MD, attending radiologist at Rush North Shore Hospital (Chicago). The facility traded in a 1-year-old system from another manufacturer because, according to Racenstein, “the fulfilled our needs far better.”

Product Showcase: Nemio Ultrasound System Gets an Upgrade

The upgraded Nemio XG system features new applications, improved network connectivity, and better image quality.

Toshiba America Medical Systems (Tustin, Calif) recently announced the availability of an upgrade to its Nemio ultrasound system. The Nemio XG, which features enhancements derived from the company’s original Xario ultrasound system, is designed to offer better image quality combined with improved system utility for faster diagnosis.

“This technology, with its increased clinical applications and improved image quality, will allow many patients to receive a diagnosis in just one doctor visit, rather than receiving an ultrasound and then possibly a second test, like an MRI,” Gordon Parhar, director of the ultrasound business unit at Toshiba, said in a press release.

Nemio XG technology features Advanced Dynamic Flow for a more sensitive color Doppler and more detailed images; QuickScan to instantly optimize 2D images; and ApliPure for faster image acquisition and greater clarity.

The Nemio XG solution offers full network connectivity, as well as a range of broadband, multifrequency transducers, including convex, linear, and sector transducer capabilities and multiple transducer ports, for optimal penetration and resolution.

“The Nemio XG will offer more information in less time, which is a sizeable patient benefit,” Parhar said.

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Running the Numbers

44% of respondents said that their facilities do not plan to upgrade their ultrasound equipment for more than 2 years. In our July Monthly Web Poll, we asked readers when they planned an ultrasound-equipment upgrade; here are the full results:

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ACR and SRU Partner to Offer Obstetric Ultrasound Online Lecture Series

The American College of Radiology (ACR of Reston, Va), in conjunction with the Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound (SRU of Leesburg, Va), is now offering a new component to its ACR Campus online education platform called “Obstetric Ultrasound: A Core Curriculum.”

“Obstetric Ultrasound: A Core Curriculum,” now available, offers a series of 19 lectures on various aspects of fetal imaging.

The program features 19 lectures about a variety of aspects of obstetric ultrasound. The series addresses the educational gap left by hospitals wherein most subspecialty fetal imaging is performed by obstetricians, thereby leaving radiology residents with limited knowledge of fetal ultrasound techniques. These lectures also are useful for radiologists in private practice as a preparatory tool for the cognitive exam for the American Board of Radiology Maintenance of Certification.

Both ACR and SRU members can access the lectures, which highlight such topics as guidelines for obstetrical ultrasound; scanning techniques; the placenta and cervix; first-trimester sonography; ectopic pregnancy; amniotic fluid; multiple gestations; hydrops; assessment of fetal growth; diagnosis of fetal compromise; screening for chromosomal anomalies, including nuchal translucency; 3D and 4D imaging; and imaging of the fetal central nervous system, cardiovascular system, skeletal system, thorax, genitourinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, and the fetal face and neck.

The following SRU members will deliver the lectures:

  • Deborah Levine, MD;
  • Peter M. Doubilet, MD, PhD;
  • Peter W. Callen, MD;
  • Ruth B. Goldstein, MD;
  • Carol B. Benson, MD;
  • Beryl R. Benacerraf, MD;
  • Dolores Pretorius, MD; and
  • David A. Nyberg, MD.

“Obstetric Ultrasound: A Core Curriculum” joins the ACR Campus’ other online offerings: a basic cardiac lecture series; a virtual lecture hall featuring radiology experts; a simulated waiting room; a “Doctor Challenger,” which pits users against a virtual opponent; and “Grand Rounds,” which feature the most up-to-date radiologic curriculum. For more information, visit

—C. Vasko

Product Showcase: Upgrade to Accuvix XQ Ultrasound System Broadens Cardiology Capabilities

The Prestige Edition of the Accuvix XQ features CT-like enhancements for 3D image manipulation.

The Accuvix XQ ultrasound system from Medison America Inc (Cypress, Calif) is now available in a Prestige Edition, which broadens its capabilities in the cardiology arena and offers enhancements in both OB/GYN and radiology applications. The Prestige Edition includes Medison’s 3D eXtended Imaging technology, a collection of 3D image-processing tools that mimic the functions of CT and MRI.

The system’s Multi-Slice View feature now transforms 3D volume data from a regular ultrasound into a sequence of images in intervals of 0.5-mm to 3-mm segments, for analysis of more in-depth data; the Oblique View enables visualization of 3D volume data in different planes; and the VolumeCT tool allows manipulation of the coronal and axial views of a 3D data set in a 3D environment.

Accuvix XQ is Medison’s flagship ultrasound system. For more information, visit