New Products for the Imaging Industry

Aegis Breast MR Imaging Workstation from Toshiba

Toshiba America Medical Systems, Tustin, Calif, is launching the AegisTM breast imaging workstation, now available with Toshiba’s MR products. The Aegis workstation offers real-time 4D (3D + time) image processing, dedicated breast MRI algorithms, including kinetic curves, and color maps and customizable reports. Aegis software and hardware technology also provides the clinician with real-time interactive control of large dynamic datasets, as well as analysis. The system also features advanced hanging protocols, automated reporting, dynamic real-time processing, and interventional guidance to multiple targets. The workstation is available on Toshiba’s Vantage Atlas® and Vantage TitanTM MR systems.  (800) 421-1968

Breeza™ from Beekley Corporation

Breeza™, from Beekley Corporation, Bristol, Conn, is the first flavored beverage designed specifically for masking the taste of oral iodinated contrast agents used in abdominal CT studies. Breeza offers improved taste over other delivery methods, potentially improving workflow as well as patient satisfaction. The drink was developed in response to industry requests for a beverage to deliver oral iodinated contrast that patients would find more palatable, enabling them to drink the entire volume within the allotted time. Breeza features tropical fruit flavor that is formulated to mask the taste of iodine. It is also packaged in an attractive bottle that patients may be more receptive to drinking. Breeza is sold premixed and packaged in 16-ounce underfilled bottles. Clinicians open Breeza and add the oral iodinated contrast into the bottle, and serve.  (800) 233-5539

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