Product Accessories

NEC Display Solutions of America, Itasca, Ill, introduces product accessories for its MD Series of diagnostic imaging displays: Sentry, a remote DICOM and conformance sensor, and a removable protection shield for damage prevention. The new products are designed for NEC’s MD Series LCD displays. The Sentry sensor can monitor brightness and ambient lighting, as well as measure whitepoint. It can also be used on non-MD Series displays. The lightweight, protective shield protects screen surfaces from the damage of fingers, pointers, and pens by resisting permanent markers and scratches. (866) 632-6673;

CAD Algorithm

R2 Technology, Sunnyvale, Calif, introduces a new version of its CAD algorithm featured in its ImageChecker® Mammography product line. Version 8.0 Gold Standard CAD™ algorithm, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, provides a lower false marker rate at any given sensitivity. The program’s EmphaSize™ CAD markers are designed to draw attention to what the algorithm deems most indicative of malignancy. The “Greenlight” user interface helps users process film and monitor film-scanning process from a distance. (866) 243-2533; .

Ultrasound System

Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc, Tustin, Calif, introduces its latest ultrasound system, Xario™. The system offers users the ability to customize it based on their needs. Patient data, including still images and video clips, can be printed, stored, and network transferred. Xario also supports all seven classes of DICOM connectivity, and includes a CDR, integrated DVD recorder, and DVI interfaces. The system is ergonomically friendly, with an elevated panel and display monitor. .

3D Software Upgrade

BarcoView LLC, Duluth, Ga, announces an upgrade to its 3D visualization and analysis software. Voxar 3D 5.1 incorporates lighting effects to improve depth perception and surface detail, providing users with enhanced views of patient anatomy. The upgrade aids 3D reviews of bones, vascular structures, and soft tissue surfaces. The software is designed to allow users to report findings faster, and make reading CTA and MRA studies easier. Voxar 3D 5.1 is available as an integrated 3D software module in PACS or as stand-alone 3D visualization and analysis software for those without PACS. (678) 475-8000; .

Grayscale Display

Quest International Inc, Irvine, Calif, introduces Totoku’s ME351i, a new medical LCD display. ME351i is a 20.8″, three-megapixel grayscale display featuring I-Sentinel II technology. I-Sentinel II has a front luminance sensor as well as an internal temperature sensor that collects, analyzes, and adjusts exact luminance levels. ME351i features 700 cd/m2 brightness, 900:1 contrast ratio, and 170 degree viewing angles. It is DICOM compliant and has an integrated hardware pivot function to switch to landscape or portrait orientation without the use of pivot software. (800) 231-6777; [email protected] .

Archiving Update

CoActiv Medical, Ridgefield, Conn, announces the integration of EXAM-PACS®, a picture archiving and communications system, with OrthoView TM 3.0, the latest software version incorporating a Pediatric Assessment Module. OrthoView’s orthopedic digital imaging solution allows users to preplan surgical procedures in a digital environment, and is equipped to assess the requirements for pediatric preoperative planning. The surgical planning record, original diagnostic digital image, and templating tools are automatically saved within the original examination. (203) 894-9612; .

Mobile HD Ultrasound Machine

Royal Philips Electronics, Andover, Mass, introduces its smallest and most mobile high definition ultrasound machine: HD3. The Philips system offers grayscale and color Doppler imaging, Cineloop review, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, an adjustable flat panel monitor, and analysis packages. HD3 has a broadband digital beamformer, and has a self-paced training CD for users. The system is portable yet designed to allow access to multiple transducers, scanning supplies, printers, and recorders. (888) 647-4285; .

Imaging Enhancements

GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, offers enhancements to its Innova 4100® and Innova 3100® cardiovascular and interventional imaging systems. The systems incorporate an automated imaging technique, InnovaBreeze, to allow users to see clearly the vessels and anatomy from the stomach through the legs. InnovaBreeze has software that provides a combination of separate images taken down the legs into a single image of entire contrast-filled peripheral vasculature. (800) 558-5120; .

Digital Infrastructure

Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY, introduces CARESTREAM RIS for Imaging Centers. This digital infrastructure can include integration with third-party claims processing and billing systems, as well as integration with PACS solutions. CARESTREAM RIS streamlines workflow by managing examination orders and patient scheduling, report dictation, and Web-based distribution of the radiology report. (585) 724-7206; .

Increase Throughput

FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Stamford, Conn, announces that its XG5000 now has the capacity to improve throughput by up to 20%. XG5000’s Fast Scan reading mode, a cassette-based digital x-ray system, can now process 14×14 and 14×17 examinations at rates of 140 and 122 images per hour. It features fast cycle times and quick imaging previews. Fast scan is available with all new purchases, and software upgrades are available for existing units. (800) 431-1850; .

X-Ray Multimeter

RTI Electronics, Molndal, Sweden, offers Barracuda, an x-ray multimeter. It measures kVp, time, dose, dose rate, dose/pulse, pulse rate, waveforms, and HVL on all modalities with one detector. Barracuda is designed to measure all types of radiography and fluoroscopy x-ray systems and CT doses, and supports the most common target combinations in mammography systems. .