New Products for the Imaging Industry

Vitrea Enterprise Suite 1.3 from Vital Images

Vital Images Inc, Minneapolis, has released Vitrea? Enterprise Suite 1.3. The latest version of the company?s enterprise PACS visualization software package includes new cardiac multichamber analysis with adult and pediatric options that automate atrial and ventricular chamber analysis. Version 1.3 also features low dose CT scanning protocols and new clinical enhancements to cardiac structural analysis tools. Vessel Probe and Vessel Walk are features that allow for easier navigation through complex cardiovascular anatomy. Also included in the update are a new edge-detecting contouring tool, a single-click volume segmentation feature, and improved report access for streamlining case reviews and enhancing communication between clinicians.  (800) 208-3005

Connect-Rx 7.1 from McKesson

McKesson Inc, Atlanta, has launched the latest version of its Connect-Rx Software. Release 7.1 provides improved functionality for the company?s AcuDose-Rx? medication dispensing cabinets and Anesthesia-Rx? medication carts. The enhancements are designed to increase charge capture, expand restocking capabilities for pharmacies, ensure medication availability for nursing and anesthesia providers, and improve patient care by reducing the risk of medication errors. McKesson?s advanced anesthesia cart is designed to streamline operating room workflow with new functionality for both the pharmacy and surgical areas. The cart also offers an automated color syringe label printer, which provides the pharmacy with multiple options to customize medication label printing. This feature enables faster, more accurate visual identification during surgery, helping anesthesia provider workflow. During procedures, anesthesia providers are also able to document all actions electronically. As a result, the hospital pharmacy is provided with accurate dispensing records for inventory management and billing purposes.  (800) 594-9145

Achieva 3.0T TX Mobile MRI from Philips

Philips Healthcare, Andover, Mass, has introduced the Achieva 3.0T TX Mobile MRI, the world?s first mobile 3.0 Tesla MRI platform. The TX Mobile includes the same imaging technology, amenities, and staff as Philips? stationary 3.0T TX MRI system, but is fully transportable in a 48-foot trailer. The new mobile 3T system also includes MultiTransmit, a patient-adaptive parallel transmit RF technology that utilizes multiple radio-frequency transmission signals to automatically adjust to each patient?s unique size and shape. The mobile system brings advanced MRI diagnostic capabilities to patients who previously may not have had access otherwise. Philips designed the platform to enable health care facilities to rent the 3T technology and solve patient overflow issues at large university and teaching hospitals with multiple campuses, or facilities that want to expand their imaging service to include a 3T platform.  (800) 229-6417

Guardian Monitoring for Molecular Imaging from Siemens

Siemens Healthcare, Malvern, Pa, has launched the Guardian Program for molecular imaging systems. The Guardian Program is a monitoring system for a variety of imaging modalities. The new molecular imaging option is designed to proactively monitor a molecular imaging system?s performance online and in real time. Through 24/7 monitoring technology, when the Guardian Program sees parameters that exceed or undershoot defined critical levels, the system will proactively send a message to the Siemens Service Center. This will trigger a predefined high-speed support and repair process with clearly defined reaction and repair times, as well as improved spare parts availability. A service expert will guide the customer through the first critical phase and help reestablish the system?s availability as fast as possible.  (888) 826-9702

SenoBright Breast CESM Technology from GE

GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, has announced the European introduction of SenoBright Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM) technology. Similar to the multiple-flash, red-eye reduction function in a digital camera, SenoBright uses x-rays at multiple energies to create two separate exposures. These resulting images specifically illuminate and highlight areas where there is angiogenesis, growth of small blood vessels potentially related to the presence of cancer. SenoBright can also help physicians locate the proliferation of small blood vessels that may be associated with cancerous tumor growth. In addition, SenoBright shows potential for measuring the lesion, helping plan surgeries and treatments. The new CESM technology works with an upgrade to GE Healthcare?s Senographe DS and Senographe Essential digital mammography equipment. At this time, SenoBright is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.  (800) 558-5120

Care Exchange Workstations from Midmark

Midmark Corporation, Versailles, Ohio, announced two additions to its line of Care Exchange mobile workstations. The new Flat Panel EMR Transition Workstation (model 6203) is designed with an additional work space to accommodate the use of paper charts and files in patient exam rooms, as well as provide computer access. The unit features an extended 12 inch by 20 inch secondary, upper work surface and a single flat panel monitor arm to elevate the screen over the work surface. The new Flat Panel Kidney Style Workstation (model 6208) offers a large, 22 inch by 32 inch desk-like work surface that can be used with an all-in-one computer or a large, flat panel monitor, and includes a single flat panel monitor arm. Both workstations feature a height adjustment range of 29 inches to 47 inches and 15 colors to coordinate with other equipment in physician offices.  (800) 643-6275

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