New Products for the Imaging Industry

C7-XR Coronary OCT Products from LightLab

LightLab, Westford, Mass, has received FDA clearance to market its C7-XR Imaging System and C7 Dragonfly? Imaging Catheter for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). The C7-XR Imaging System and the monorail style C7 Dragonfly Imaging Catheter create a high-resolution 50 mm coronary scan in under 3 seconds without the vessel occlusion that was required by earlier generation OCT systems. Thousands of data points are analyzed simultaneously at ultra-high speeds, providing intravascular resolution at 15 micrometers, roughly twice the size of a red blood cell. The nonocclusive, intravascular imaging technology allows the clinician to see and measure important vessel characteristics otherwise invisible or difficult to observe with older intracoronary imaging modalities. Features enable optimization of drug-eluting stent procedures, potentially reducing the number of stents placed per patient by ensuring appropriate disease assessment and targeting.  (978) 399-1055

Multifunction Meter for X-Ray Testing from ECC

Electronic Control Concepts, Saugerties, NY, has introduced the 820 kVp/mAs multifunction x-ray meter. The 820 meter unit combines all of the features of a kVp with a mA/mAs meter in one compact unit. 820?s capabilities include measuring kVp, mA, mAs, and exposure time. The unit is designed to automatically detect AC or DC x-ray currents, minimizing the possibility of inaccurate readings. With each mA reading, the unit stores and displays mA, mAs, and exposure time. Applications include verification of peak x-ray voltage, constancy checks, calibration of x-rays, and quality assurance measurement of exposure time. The unit can also be designed for half value layer determination, troubleshooting and repair of x-rays, and quality control.  (800) 847-9729

M Cart for Medical Applications from Anthro

Anthro Corporation, Portland, has recently introduced the M Cart, a mobile technology cart that can be customized to suit the user?s needs. The M Cart is a sturdy and compact cart designed for areas with space challenges or when a mobile modular cart is needed. It can be used as a lab cart, equipment cart, or test lab cart, or for mobile ultrasound units. The M Cart also has cable management built into the legs to hide cords. Its small footprint allows for easy maneuverability into any space. Anthro offers four base size options with 100-pound load capacity and over 40 accessories. The M Cart configuration starts with a basic frame and is able to be customized with accessories such as side bins, a variety of shelf sizes, drawers, monitor mounts, side panels, and back panels. Different colors are also available. For high volume orders, carts can be further customized for unique applications.  (800) 325-3841

NovaPRO for Single Users from NovaRad

NovaRad, American Fork, Utah, is now offering a single user version of its Web-based PACS and RIS software. NovaPRO is a complete PACS and RIS system built specifically for single radiologists. One simple process allows the radiologists to automatically receive and read images from anywhere with an Internet connection. The system is designed to provide all image retrieval, report dictation, and distribution, as well as management of reports. A Web-based unlimited referring license is also included, allowing all referring physicians to access images and reports from any computer. Radiologists are also able to automatically distribute of final reports via fax, e-mail, or printing.  (877) 668-2723

IZI Distributing X-MARK Gold Fiducial Marker from ONC Solutions

IZI Medical Products, Baltimore, is now distributing the X-MARK line of elongated gold fiducial markers from ONC Solutions, Acton, Mass. X-MARK fiducial markers provide accuracy and stability in soft tissue, as well as improved visibility in CT, MR, Portal, and ultrasound. The new markers feature a 99.95% gold construction and unique snake-like design that enables it to flex with soft tissue without unraveling. With its longer design, fewer markers can be used, thus minimizing the number of needlesticks necessary. Both ends of each marker act as reference points, giving the information of two seeds with one X-MARK. In addition, the cross-sectional density of its gold construction will not change as the X-MARK flexes with the movement of the tissue, allowing no loss of cross-sectional density or diminished visibility.  (800) 231-1499

DICOM-Capable Projector from Canon

Canon U.S.A. Inc, Lake Success, NY, has developed a new REALiS SX7 Mark II D projector with DICOM Simulation Mode. The Mark II D was designed for the medical-education market. While not FDA cleared for diagnosis, the SX7 is ideal for classrooms and can project monochrome digital x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs with accurate color and precise detail. Using DICOM Simulation Mode, the projector is able to simulate a DICOM Part 14 standardized display of grayscale images. This special mode allows users to calibrate directly on the projector using 21 different levels of gamma adjustments. The Mark II D includes Canon?s LCOS technology, SXGA+ high resolution (1,400×1,050), and 4,000 lumens of brightness. Additional features include 1.7x Powered Zoom/Focus lens, DVI-I Terminal, and support of both Adobe RGB and sRGB color spaces.  (800) 652-2666

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