New Products for the Imaging Industry

Brilliance iCT Interventional Tools from Philips

Philips Healthcare, Andover, Mass, introduced a new suite of interventional tools on its Brilliance iCT, enabling CT-guided procedures on its Brilliance CT scanner platforms. The Brilliance iCT’s new 3.0 software offers two packages to facilitate interventional procedures in the CT gantry room—continuous CT (CCT) and CT fluoroscopy.

Continuous CT biopsy mode enables the clinician to perform gantry room scans using a foot pedal to keep their hands free to focus on the procedure and includes a remote monitor for viewing. Each exposure is a 240? axial scan centered beneath the patient to shield the clinician’s hands from direct x-ray exposure. CT fluoroscopy provides real-time guidance for interventional procedures (up to eight frames per second). Exposure time and dose displays keep the interventional radiologist aware of exposure levels throughout the procedure while viewing a single-fused image. All of the Philips CT interventional packages are available with cart or ceiling-mounted display monitors and can be configured on new or previously installed Brilliance iCT scanners.

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NovaPRO Specialized RIS/PACS for Radiologist Groups from NovaRad

NovaRad, American Fork, Utah, has introduced NovaPRO specialized RIS/PACS for radiologist groups. The NovaPRO consists of NovaRad’s latest PACS and RIS built specifically for radiologist groups that read for multiple hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers. The software is specifically designed to provide all the image retrieval, management, and report distribution capabilities to increase efficiency and productivity. Features facilitate the receipt of DICOM images from unlimited, unaffiliated image-producing practices, as well as ensuring that images and information remain separate. Image retrieval is provided without the necessity to store or maintain the image files. Received images are scrubbed from the archive when the storage limit, predetermined by the interpreting physician, is reached. If the storage and archiving of images and reports is required, the system is configurable as a complete PACS. System capabilities also include the automatic distribution of resulting reports through direct HL7 messaging, e-mail, or fax to an existing HIS, RIS, and/or EMR/EHR.

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RADREX-i System with 600-lb Capacity from Toshiba

Toshiba America Medical Systems, Tustin, Calif, has launched the RADREX-i x-ray system featuring a 600-pound table weight limit, a 600 kHU x-ray tube, and an 80-kW generator. The new features allow hospitals to image a variety of patients, including bariatric. RADREX-i enhances workflow with RexView, a color LCD screen located on the overhead tube crane (OTC). Technologists have immediate access to review the image and determine quality of image acquisition. The RADREX-i also has several automated features: Auto-tracking eliminates the need to manually position the x-ray tube detector by providing synchronization for table and wall-stand tracking. Auto-collimation automatically selects the correct collimation size for the patient’s body part. The auto-program feature eliminates the need for the technologist to manually select the program on the generator by automatically selecting the correct program. The auto-center stop provides visual guidance for detector centering.

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Mobile Workstation from Midmark

Midmark Corp, Versailles, Ohio, has introduced Care ExchangeTM Workstations, new mobile workstations designed to help physician offices easily integrate IT, such as EMR, digital diagnostics, and electronic prescriptions, in exam and procedure rooms to facilitate improving workflow and productivity. Care Exchange allows physicians to maintain eye contact with patients, enabling physicians to access technology and critical information at the point of care without disrupting or lessening the patient/physician interaction. They adapt to any computer hardware configuration. The workstations are easily adjustable and maneuverable, allowing physicians to find a comfortable working height to interface with patients. In addition, physicians can use the height-adjustment hand lever to adjust the level of the workstation from 29″ to 47″, accommodating sitting and standing while providing an ergonomically correct environment. The workstations feature a small footprint at 18 inches wide, allowing them to fit in tight spaces and to be easily moved. The workstations are also available in a variety of DC battery powered models.

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Plasma DR Retrofit Kit from Edge Medical Devices

Edge Medical Devices, Mount Holly, NC, is now offering its Plasma DR? flat-panel digital radiography detector and a universal retrofit kit. The Quix? Universal Retrofit Kit is a turnkey upgrade to digital x-ray imaging for any new or existing equipment. The kit has both single and dual detector configuration options and upgrades RAD tables, wall stands, and U-/C-arm and other positioning devices to DR. Also featured is the touch screen Quix Operator Console for DR workflow, image processing, export, print, and DICOM storage. The products in the Quix Universal Retrofit Kit are FDA 510(k), CE, and UL certified.

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IMPAX Data Center from Agfa HealthCare

Agfa HealthCare, Westerly, RI, has introduced the IMPAX Data Center, which integrates diagnostic imaging and data silos throughout an enterprise, allowing a single point of integration for the EHR, as well as a single point of access for specialists and referring and primary care physicians. IMPAX Data Center adheres to Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) technical framework and supports a vendor-neutral view of previously fragmented health care information. The product also features clinical decision support at the point of care, medical device interoperability, multimedia support, dynamic and ad hoc quality reports, protection of sensitive health care information, implementation of one clinical decision rule, and electronic exchange of clinical information.

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